You Don’t Need To Lose Weight in 2018

Hiya everyone. Something has been bugging me for a while, I’m talking years, but I’ve never really mentioned it because it seemed to be the norm and I was scared. I’m talking about how so many people have the New Years resolution of losing weight, or more so, that it’s seemed to be forced upon people to lose weight in the New Year.

I get that with the start of a new year, comes the goals and the idea that there couldn’t be a better time for someone to change what they dislike about themselves. And I also get that after Christmas, a holiday that is known for gluttony and treating yaself, the first thing you may want to do is burn off all of that holiday weight. But why? Why is the literal first thing you are expected to do when 1st Janurary comes around? Can’t you just be happy that you enjoyed yourself over the festive season and you may have gained a couple pounds (honestly that’s exaggerated, it’s very rare that you’d actually gain any weight to that degree), but why should that necessary matter?

I truly understand and sympathise with us as a society because we have drilled the idea that you have to be thin to go anywhere in this world, and that’s probably why the resolutions are a thing. We have it ingrained in our minds that if we aren’t a size eight or a small, then we are disgusting and I’m definitely not having a go at anyone who can’t help thinking this way. It’s our fault collectively.

As someone who used to be so obsessed with how much I weighed or what I ate, I think we should fuck off the obligations to make weight loss resolutions this year and after year afterwards. Sure if you want to eat a lot healthier and you know you will be motivated a lot more if you have the New Year there for you, you go for it! But make sure you know you are doing it for you rather than to fit in with the whole New Year rules.

I’m setting myself a goal for New Years to be comfortable in my own skin and learn to love myself a lot more than I have ever done. I think that’s much healthier. I’m not changing myself or altering anything I do other than my mindset. I think this goal is far more worthwhile than losing a few pounds. I hear you think “why?” and that’s simply because this achievement will be a lot harder to alter once it’s set in stone. With weight loss, you may get into the never ending cycle of a “couple of pounds” not being satisfying or they’ll be something else you want to change next year.

So to found off this post today, I’d like to say that you should eat whatever the fuck you want this year. There are no “bad” foods and if a takeaway pizza makes you happy, then you eat that pizza. And finally, if you want to lose weight as a New Years resolution, do it because you want to not because you need to.


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57 thoughts on “You Don’t Need To Lose Weight in 2018

  1. I love this post, just what I needed to read. My mum is constantly telling me I’m too big and that I won’t get anywhere in life if I don’t lose weight. Even though my husband tells me I’m beautiful hearing her being so negative about me really hurts. But you’re right I should just learn to be happy in my own skin, we all should. Thank you x

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    1. It’s completely okay lovely! I’m glad your husband is telling you the right thing. It’s not fair because regardless of weight, you’ll go somewhere! You don’t have to be stick thin to be successful in life! x

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  2. It’s so hard not too agree with you! Even though it is indeed my goal to lose a bit of weight and eat healthier – it’s just something I know for a fact that’s good for me and especially the way I feel and my energy levels. But NO ONE – as you said – should struggle to lose weight because our society tells us to or because all the models on the tv are smaller than the size small. Thank you for this post!

    With kindness,

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  3. yes yes yes! this makes me think of when summertime is approaching people say they need to get their bodies ready for ‘bikini season’ by losing a bunch of weight and i’m just thinking, ‘but you’re great the way you are….’

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  4. Thank you. Just thank you. I’ve wanted to blog about this for a while now, but I was always so scared about the hate. See, before I went anonymous, I had an old account. All my friends knew about it, and I was completely proud of it. Then I started getting a load of abusive comments and had to close my site. I love your blog! You don’t have to be anonymous, aa you have such a nice community of followers and fellow bloggers. Sorry if my comments can be like a mini blog sometimes, its just once I start writing, I just cant stop. Thank you for speaking the words we all wanted to hear. Xxx

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    1. It’s COMPLETELY okay! I felt the same (as I said!) but it feels so so good to get this post out there! Thank you so so much! That means THE WORLD and more! Thank you for your kind words and never apologise for the comments, I love them! xxx

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  5. Completely agree with all of this! I wish we didn’t care about our weight, or others care about other peoples weight. As long as we’re healthy and our weight isn’t causing health problems then why should we make losing weight a goal?

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  6. This post! We really do need to make a change in how we see ourselves and each other. It’s horrible how we start comparing ourselves to what we our shown and this makes us think this is how we should look. I think this is something we all need to be apart of and something we need to help change. This is so honestly true 💛

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  7. I think these is a really great post! There’s so much societal pressure to take part in the latest fad diet and look a certain way after Christmas. If you read my blog you may think it’s a contradiction considering I’m doing a medically supervised diet, but I think your mindset is so right.

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  8. i totally agree with this! one of my new years resolutions was to stay in shape, but i’m not doing it to be skinny or to be “more beautiful,” i’m doing it for myself. i feel really good when i’m in shape and excising and sticking with routines really challenges me.
    lovely post ❤



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  9. I understand people whose health is in genuine danger trying to lose weight, but doing it for the sake of having a new year’s resolution never made sense to me, especially when it is otherwise unnecessary. Focusing on loving ourselves and not feeling guilty for enjoying food should be a priority instead of trying to live up to societal standards. Such a wonderful post and I couldn’t agree more with the points you make!

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    1. Thank you so much love! Yes I am all for people doing it for their health or whatever but just to join in with everyone else’s new year’s resolution just doesn’t make sense! I’m in the process (towards the end I’d say) of feeling less and less guilty after my meals and it’s such a beautiful thing. I couldn’t recommend it more!

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  10. THIS 🙌🏻 eat what you want, enjoy a pizza & be comfortable with your body, pretty good goal I’d say. it’s scary that everyone seems to become obsessed with weight in the new year, doesn’t feel like a healthy mindset to me 🙈

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  11. Yes! This has also been one of my concerns, reading so many posts about weight loss. One of my goals this year is to be more mindful in terms of eating healthier foods but this is a goal for me and my health, not to look a certain way for society’s beauty standards! Thanks for sharing this.

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  12. I agree that a number on the scale shouldn’t be the goal. I’m currently pregnant and feeling wonderful, despite seeing the needle way higher than I’d ever imagined! Your goal should be to feel healthy, and that includes being tuned-in to your body’s messages so that you can sense when you need more leafy greens and when a lick of icecream would hit the spot. Exercise and fresh air are sometimes all we need to feel happier, so let “happiness” and not “jean size” be the barometer.

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  13. Absolutely love this!! I’m in a private yoga group on Facebook and the comments are rarely about weight loss. We focus on non-scale victories (NSV). Here’s to eating whatever the fuck you want to 😀

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