If You’re Drinking Alcohol

Hiya everyone! This post is way out of my normal comfort posting because I thought it was important. I realised how unaware I was on how to safely drink when I went out to celebrate results day 2017 (I know, AGES AGO!!!) so I thought I’d give you some tips and tricks so you don’t have to struggle like I did!

1. Eat before you start drinking! I normally do this but results day was so nerve-wracking, I just didn’t eat breakfast and then I was out of the house for lunch so I didn’t manage that either. Somehow, I managed to only eat my first thing whilst I was drunk at around 11pm. Stupid I know! But anyway, eating before you start drinking is a must, it not only helps you get an easier hangover to deal with, it also gives your alcohol of choice something to soak into – allowing you to get a lot less drunk as quickly. Obviously I’m not telling you to drink a lot more to get drunk but eating prior to drinking will allow you to get a lot less drunk.

2. Know your limits. I’m guilty of this because I have no clue what my limit is because I don’t really get drunk a lot to know what my limit is hahaha. But you need to know. Why? Because then you’d know how much your body can handle before it all goes tits up. Now I’m not telling you to go out and drink until you throw up to find out your limit but you kinda just know, don’t you? You can tell when you get to a certain point of drunk that it’s enough!

3. Once the night is over and you’re ready to go to bed, drink A LOT of water. I mean a lot. Three pints minimum. Honestly it works, I never get a hangover when I do this. The reason why you get hangovers is because alcohol dehydrates you so a way to conquer this is to drink as much water as you can.

4. Remember alcohol stays in your system for longer than you think. This goes for everything. If you think alcohol is out of your system if you haven’t drank in an hour, you’re wrong. You should never drink and drive and regardless of how long ago your last drink was, don’t even attempt to drive.

Those are all my tips. I hope this helped because even though I don’t want to support excessive drinking, I know people do it and I want to give you a couple of tips to do it safely. I hope you have a lovely day!


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22 thoughts on “If You’re Drinking Alcohol

  1. This is my kind of post 😂 Definitely guilty of not eating before drinking!!! Cannot stress how important that is lmao, every single time i get drunk/drink alcohol i forget im small af and it doesnt take much to get me drunk sooooo although the night is fun, im usually left being sick in cars or leaning over my bed with a bucket on the floor just in case!!

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  2. I agree with all of these! The ones about drinking and driving, they say about an hour per unit of alcohol and considering most people hit double the legal limit, that’s 7-8 hours. I don’t think enough people realise that and thank you for pointing it out.

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  3. Great tips. I’ve been drinking for 11 years know, so I pretty much know all these from experience. Anyone who is new at drinking or doesn’t drink often should definitely abide by these rules though. Although, I admit that #3 is still something I struggle to do myself. Mainly because I don’t like drinking water. I do still drink some before bed, but it’s usually not very much. I would like to add to your list that you should also try to eat something after drinking, before you go to bed. There were a couple times when I didn’t do that and I was incredibly sick/hungover the next day. I know typically it isn’t good to eat right before going to sleep, but in this case, it really does help prevent any nausea/vomiting the next day.

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  4. Great tips, especially now that it’s NYE! I personally would add to ‘know your limits’ that knowing what types of alcohol tend to make you sick is a HUGE plus. If I drink Tequila, I feel like I am dying lol so I just stay away from it. Also, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE DRINKS THAT TASTE NOTHING LIKE ALCOHOL. Don’t go tipping them down like they’re soda because they will catch up to you. One minute you’l be feeling fine and the next WHOOOPS

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  5. I like to pretend (what do I mean, pretend?!?) I have a toddler inside who doesn’t know how to drink safely but just wants to party and that I have to look after her, ensure she takes it slowly, drinks the water, goes to bed etc. So part of me is being the wise parent even when the toddler is having a tantrum and wanting more. This is more effective for me than being the angry parent who shames and belittles and punishes. Works for lots of areas of addiction/unboundaried behaviour.

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  6. Thanks for being a caring person and sharing this important blog! I’m sure it will help some readers who stumble across it.💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/31/a-recap-of-2017/

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