What I’ve Got For Christmas!

Hiya everyone! I did one of these for my birthday last month and it was requested that I was to do a Christmas one so here it is! In no way am I bragging about everything I’ve received, just thought it would be interesting to show! This is out of my schedule but I wanted to post it before the New Year as Christmas would be kinda irrelevant at that point!

First off, I thought I’d show you what my best friend had got me. We did a gift exchange a little while before Christmas so I’ve had these open for a WHILE now!

She got me a Tsum Tsum! This is something that we both actively collect and we buy each other some every year hahha! She also got me this gorgeous bauble that has shredded pages of The Iliad inside of it. We are both classics nerds so I adore this present, evidently so much thought went into it.

I’ll show you guys what my dad got me! I didn’t ask for anything because I truly don’t need anything in my life at the moment, so I was surprised to have this many gifts.

I’ll admit I knew about the Royal Blood record because I was there with him when he got it! But everything else I had no idea! He got me Vices & Virtues by Panic! At The Disco which is probably my favourite Panic! album. A Morrissey t-shirt because I adore that guy’s music (must add that I don’t adore him as much!!). A vegan cookbook because I had apparently been moaning about having to search for recipes online to follow! Some Jellytots because they are vegan and I thank God every day for that. He got me a tea diffuser too! I love tea and I always get disheartened when I find tea I wanna try that is loose, because I can’t use it but now I can! Finally, a lil liquid lipstick because I wanna get into wearing things on my lips more! *My dad also got me some Asda Free From truffles but they are uhhhh gone*


My one brother, got me this record for Christmas! Honestly I think I screamed when I opened it. If any of you know me, this is literally my favourite Fall Out Boy album ever made. Every song on it, in my opinion, is a masterpiece and I was so so happy when I knew I had it. It’s quite pricey for a student with no income so I never got round to purchasing it but it’s all good now because I don’t have to!

My brother and his boyfriend, got me a lot of themed presents as you can tell! I love Doctor Who so much and Harry Potter … and Sherlock! I think Doctor Who is my favourite though because I grew up watching it and now it’s a huge part of my life. My brother got me this Doctor Who chalkboard which I think I’m going to place in the kitchen until I have a place of my own because we can put things we’ve run out of on there for my dad hahah! A Sherlock Holmes book which I am so excited to read! A Gryffindor mug. I am a Ravenclaw but I’ll still use it! A notebook which I’m so excited to use! It’s gonna definitely feature in so many flatlays in the future. Finally, this pillow which is SO SOFT AND COMFY. I didn’t expect it but I think this is gonna be my pillow of choice to take downstairs.

That’s all I got for Christmas this year! I am so grateful for everything I received because although it may not seem like a lot for some people who receive mountains of presents each year, it’s enough for me. Christmas isn’t about the presents in my eyes, it’s about spending time with family and friends – presents are just a bonus!

This is my last Christmas exit card which IS SO SAD.

christmas exit

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18 thoughts on “What I’ve Got For Christmas!

  1. You got a lot of goodies. I love that you and your best friends exchange too, how fun! I hope you have a happy new year, I can’t beliebe it’s here already!

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