My Favourite Posts from Bloggers This December!

Hiya everyone! I just cannot believe that it’s Christmas day already. This December has just gone so incredibly fast and I’m almost upset that in less than 24 hours Christmas is over. Actually, if you’re like me, Christmas isn’t technically over until a couple days after the 25th because on Boxing Day, we visit my Aunt and celebrate for another day there! So I have two Christmas days basically hahaha!

For today’s final Blogmas post, I thought I’d show you all my favourite posts this month from other bloggers. What a great way to spread Christmas spirit right?! Let’s get straight into it!!!

1. Wintery Asos Haul / Don’t Give A Jam

I just adore Jamie’s posts ENTIRELY. I love how much effort she puts into her blog, you can really tell. The reason this post in particular is in this blog post is because the clothes she got were beautiful. I love the jumper and the onesie. I adore the top with the different coloured sleeves.

2. A Day In York / Wandering Meg

Love a good day in the life post and when it involves travelling, that’s even better. I’ve never been to York but it’s some place I really want to go some day, so this post excited me!

3. Christmas Playlist / Midnight Wanderer

I personally feel like every post that Chloe makes, relates with me. I love every single one and it’s great. This one stuck with me in particular because I just love every single thing added into the playlist.

4. 3 Things I Don’t Want To Teach My Future Children / Just Emmi

This isn’t your typical Christmas post in December but I love it nonetheless. I agree with it entirely, I definitely don’t want to teach my future children (if I have any) any of these things because I don’t want to push things into them. Telling children that if someone is mean to you, it’s because they fancy you is wrong because that’s teaching them that abuse means someone is fond of you. That’s not true at all! I agree with all the points so I think it’s an important read!

5. A Very Vegan Christmas – Manchester Style / Very Hearty Vegans

I have to have a little vegan post in here hahaha! I love both Shannon and Madeline SO MUCH. They are both so wholesome and nice people and it reflects on their posts! They truly do show how easy it is to be vegan and I am here for it.

6. Christmas Shopping (On A Budget!) / Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring Life

I love a good gift guide that is actually helpful! It targets a wide range of people so I reckon you could find a gift for everyone in this! I just realised as I was writing this that this is being published on Christmas day, which means you really shouldn’t need to be doing present shopping. BUT it will be good for general present buying in the future!

7. 3 Festive Drinks / Mermaidmoonchild

I adore this blog! So much! She’s so honest and real and that’s all I want from a blogger. I have tried all three of these drinks and veganised them and they were all delish! Personally I would recommend the gingerbread latte because I am in love with ginger at the moment. You can honestly tell how much effort goes into her posts and that’s why I’ve involved this blog into this post!!!

8. The Lush Christmas Range Masterpost / kyvbey

Wow this post is A LOT. I know I’ve practically said this about every bloody post I’ve included, but you can truly see how much effort goes into this gorgeous person’s posts! Literally every single product from the Christmas range in Lush is included and has a little paragraph about it. A lot of work has gone into this as I can see and I truly think this blogger deserves a lot more recognition!

9. Follow Me Around Birmingham / Chloe Burford

This is basically here in the list because BIG UP BRUM. Lmfao I’m joking. I just held some attachment to it because it’s my home town and I loved reacting to how Chloe reacted to places I go on a daily basis! It’s weird to see someone exploring your city for a little trip away because why is the place I live a nice little holiday destination hahaha?! I bet you get what I mean when you see posts in your city! I loved how she loved the streets of Birmingham and I feel like you would love to read about it!

10. DIY: Marble Tumblers / Vintage Tea Rose

I just think these are so BEAUTIFUL and who doesn’t love a good DIY??? I’m planning on making a couple of these for myself because I think they would look perfect in my room. Also, I think they would be a cute af present for someone because of the effort and just how bloody cute and aesthetically pleasing they are!

11. The Constraints of the Online World / Maria Alexandra

Now I don’t know about you, but I just love Maria’s blog and everything that comes with it! They are all so raw and honest and I think that’s why I like them so much. This one in particular talks about blogging niches and why they are often restrictive and unmotivational, which I totally agree with! I truly thought that I had to have a niche in order to be successful and gain a following. However, I blog about a variety of things and I still have an established, small following which I think is important to consider.

12. Vegan Treats To Enjoy This Christmas / In Sophie’s Mind

Another vegan post?? YES. I love Sophie and her blog so much. She spreads so much positivity and it was difficult to chose one of her posts to mention in this lil collection but here it is! I love absolutely everything that she’s included from this post and I would recommend a lot of it!

13. Christmas Cocktails / Jade Mayhead

I love a good cocktail and they are all festive too which makes it even better! I know for sure that I’m going to try the Christmas Pudding Vodka and Cranberry Mule! Never tried either before but it’s one for the list for Christmas day hahaha.

14. j0y t0 the w0rld / kittyp0p

Shannon always posts wonderful content and this is definitely one of them! I love her style, that she uses mostly pictures rather than writing to put across her posts and that’s wonderful. She’s definitely worth a quick read or two!

15. 10 Ways To Self Care During the Holidays / CuriousCraftsBlog

Obviously this is me here, I can’t not list my favourite posts if I’m not including a self care one. I think self care is so so important and definitely during the Christmas season. It’s absolutely paramount!!

That’s all I’m going to show you guys for today! Let me know if you enjoyed this style of post because I may do a bi-monthly thing?? WHO KNOWS. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day and are spending it all festive and happy.

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  1. Ahh thank you so much for mentioning me!! I always love reading all of your posts so it really does mean a lot 😊 And it was great to discover some new bloggers too! Hoping you’ve had the best Christmas and wishing you a happy new year xox

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