Christmas Candles with Wax Lyrical* / Blogmas Day 24

Hiya! I bloody love candles and if any of you know me, you know I have A LOT of candles. Specially this time of year when cinnamon is everywhere! As you could imagine, working with Wax Lyrical* is a dream come TRUE. They sent me a couple of items from their Christmas range so I’m gonna show you then because I know you guys would love them too!

1. Made in England Christmas Gingerbread House 100ml Reed Diffuser


Reed Diffusers are not technically a candle but I put them in the same category, I’m sure everyone does!? They are so simple because you just open the fragrance and pop the sticks in and then you leave it. You can leave it like that for dayyyyyysssss and nothing would happen to it – apart from your room smelling delicious!


Let me tell you, it smells absolutely beautiful! I love gingerbread and anything spicy for that matter so it’s a win for me. I actually already have this on the go in my room and my entire room just smells like a delightful baking heaven hahahha!

2. Colony Cinnamon Spice Glass Candle


Can you hear me screaming?! I LOVE CINNAMON SO MUCH. Honestly anything cinnamon scented is a go to for me. Bath bombs = cinnamon, shower gel = cinnamon, cookies = cinnamon, candles = cinnamon. It’s really that simple. I’m actually pretty sure I squealed a little when opening this candle because ya girl loves cinnamon that much hahaha. I can’t be the only one who loves it?!

3. Kitchen Garden Christmas Spiced Pear & Nutmeg Boxed Scented Candle Glass


This one excited me so much because it’s packaged so nicely. I don’t think I’ve ever had a candle that looks this pretty and smells THIS PRETTY. It’s no cinnamon in my books but I have been burning this and the nutmeg is so strong! It smells exactly like poached pear in my opinion which you can’t really go wrong with hahaha.


4. Colony Mulled Wine Candle Glass


I just love mulled wine. I think mulled wine just represents Christmas, alongside mince pies of course! It just always shocks me with these candles that they smell exactly like the thing they are mimicking smells. It smells like I’m holding a glass of mulled wine when I sniff the candle! I remember smelling mulled wine everywhere around Christmas when I was growing up so this one is very nostalgic for me.

That’s it! Thank you so much Wax Lyrical for sending me all this festive delights because they will definitely be put in good use over the festive season (and afterwards because I don’t oppose smelling gingerbread all throughout the year hahaha!)

christmas exit

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