Technic Haul* / Blogmas Day 21 ☃️

Hiya everyone!!! Today I thought I’d show you a couple of the things that Technic had kindly sent to me.

Technic is a make up brand that sells a wide range of said make up. I’m talking A LOT. The thing I like about Technic, is that products that are vegan or vegetarian, are clearly labelled. They are cruelty free too so they’ve got that covered but they literally label which products are vegan and isn’t that amazing?! I always have to trek through product ingredients to find out if they are vegan so I think this is something awesome on Technic’s part. I think it makes the life of a vegan so so much more easier hahaha!

1. Colour Max Baked Eyeshadow – Cappuccino

Isn’t this palette just divine?! I can imagine myself making so many cute looks with this lil palette. As you can see it’s super pigmented (the transfer on my fingertips was from one light swipe!) and it’s such value for money. Amazon price this palette as little as £3.45 which is SO cheap for such a high quality palette, don’t ya think?

2. Face & Body Shimmer Spray – White


I’ve been looking for a shimmer spray because I want to look super highlighted when I go out for New Years. I think I’ve found it! It’s only £3.99 (again, on Amazon) which isn’t too bad for something I will only use for special occasions. You can get it in a variety of colours too but I just thought that white would be such a lovely colour however I choose to wear it. It was difficult to show you guys how nice this is on the skin, so I did a video.

3. Rainbow Highlighter

Okay but if any of you know me, you know I’ve been looking for a rainbow highlighter for yonks. I always see them on sale in-stores but they are always sold out or just not on the shelves, so I never get round to buying one. As you could imagine, I was super excited when I got this!! I feel like it’s not something you can wear all the time, unless you have a thin brush and use each individual colour. This prices as £3.38 on Amazon which is such a bargain I reckon! I guess you could always use this for eye-shadow too if you wanted!

4. Define & Highlight Palette

I finally recieved a contour palette. Why? I really wanna get back into contour. I used to do it a lot when the trend kicked off but I stopped because I wanted to embrace my chubby face. Now, I wanna start again for no reason in particular. This is such a perfect shade for me! Being a pale ass person, most contour shades are either too orange or just too dark for me and this one is pretty similar! It’s also only £1.85 on Amazon!

That’s all I got from Technic today! I’m so so grateful for all these gifts because they are actually things I genuinely have been meaning to get for some time and now I need’nt bother because they got given to me! Please comment below which item was your fave!

christmas exit

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