A Vegan Christmas Market / Blogmas Day 18 πŸŒŸ

Hiya everyone! This one is so exciting because I love showing you guys places I visit and things I attempt to do. It’s pretty cool! I thought I’d document me going to the vegan Christmas market in Birmingham with my lovely friend, Tyna, because who doesn’t love Christmas markets and I personally love vegan food lmfao!?

When we entered the venue, it was a little overwhelming because suddenly, there was a lot of vegan foods. Surely you guys (who are vegan) know what I mean, when every single day you have to search for vegan foods but suddenly, you enter a festival and everywhere is vegan food. It’s so weird!


It was kinda busy when we went, but whenevr I have gone to them, it’s always been fairly busy. The first room had a lot of food based vegan stands. Actual warm food, chocolates and snacks etc.


I was looking at the tops here and I must say, this one stuck with me! I love Vans as many of you may be aware and the fact that they changed the logo to say vegans made me chuckle a little. I don’t know if it’s actually legal to do that though, I’m not quite clued up on individuals laws around this!


This was one of my favourite stalls at the festival. It was all completely raw, gluten free and sugar free?! I had one of the hazelnut truffles from here but I just ate it as soon as I got it in my hand hahaha!


This was on Mex It Up’s stall. I personally really love this catering company. It’s mexican street food and completely tasty. They also had New York style cheesecake and I’ve never seen it before. I didn’t get any though!!!! Present me is super annoyed about past me not getting any.


There was so many innovative stalls this year. I recall last years festival being a lot more food based but instead, it had a lot of sustainable gifting and what have you. These bath bombs were lovely! I would have definitely have bought some there and then but I have so much bath stuff from LushΒ and I couldn’t warrant buying more. I took there business card though, so I know where to go once I need more hahaha!


These are the things I got! Apologises for the terrible photos but I realised I never took photos late at night and I was too tired to bring everything upstairs and take photos, so I just took them in my fridge!

1. Cinnamon Whirl. I got one of these last year!! They are so so so tasty and I can’t pass up an opportunity to eat cinnamon. (I can’t remember what the business is called, so if this is you, please let me know AND I’ll edit this!!)

2. The Naturally Vegan Food Company’s Smoked Cheese Nut Ball. Let me tell you a bloody story about this little guy. Earlier this year, I saw this company at a vegan fair and I tried the cheese, fell in love and wanted it. But I had only just got to the fair so I wanted to have a good look around before I spent money. Rookie mistake! I came straight back to the stall in which this delicious cheese as at and it was ALL GONE. I frantically searched alone and I did find it but you had to buy a minimum of 3 balls to get it delivered. How does one single person need that much cheese?! So I was upset. Any-who, I got to the fair today and saw them and fangirled a lil. I just HAD to buy it.

3. The Vegan Cakery’s Battenberg. Ya girl has not ate battenberg since going vegetarian seven years ago. You don’t understand how happy I was when I saw a veganised version of the best cake ever.

4. Mariner’s Fudge in Oreo. I know there is some drama in the vegan community as whether oreo is actually vegan. But in my mind, it is and that’s that. This fudge is heavenly and I want more because it may already be gone..

I hope you enjoyed following me around at this festival! I may do more of these posts if I happen to go to some more in the near future!

christmas exit

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  1. hahah thats how you know its good food when you fan girl over it! Christmas markets are the best but this just tops them! hope you have a very merry Christmas πŸ™‚

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