Looking After Your Mental Health At Christmas / Blogmas Day 17

Hiya everyone!! I did a post similar to this last Blogmas. It was about anxiety and the festive season and if you’re interested you can read it here but I thought I’d write a similar sort of post but aimed at all mental health problems.

The festive season is difficult for anyone. All the business and uproar, but it can be even worse for someone who is mentally ill. It can be intimidating and not to mention, overwhelming. Sure you’ll be around all your family but people still struggle.

Here are my handy lil tips for coping during the Christmas season:

1. Unfortunately, the reality for many people is work. Whether you’re selfemployed or you work for an employer, it’s still just as difficult. An important thing I am aware of is that you’ve got to take time out to look at everything you need to do before the break for Christmas, and possibly what can be done after. Somethings don’t have a necessary deadline so leave those until afterwards. If you have time you can do them but don’t burn yourself out. If you truly don’t have enough time to complete things, then ask to someone in charge. I’m sure they’d rather you speak to them and be like “look. I’m struggling so can you please take some of the workload off of me” because it helps everyone out.

2. Sticking to the work theme, whether you’re heading back right after Christmas or have a longer bread, don’t slip away from your normal routine. This is crucial for anyone, regardless of work commitments. I find myself struggling to get back into the college routine after Christmas when I don’t stick to some sort of routine. Still wake up at a reasonable time. Get some regular exercise. It’s important to use the holiday as a time to relax but doing this too much will make the return to work so so much harder.

3. Remember it’s okay to press pause during Christmas. If something is getting all too much, you can put it on hold until you’re ready. I know a lot of things are difficult to do this with but for example, if you’re spending a lot of time with family on Christmas day and it’s getting overwhelming, then go upstairs to your room for 30 mintues or so. It does wonders for me.

4. Make sure you’re not house-bound all the time. Sure it’s fun to spend all day in your pyjamas and eating but that sometimes may feed your mental illness. A quick 10 minute walk outside is a nice way to get a breath of fresh air and get yourself out the house.

5. Go to bed early on Christmas Eve. This is tricky because I know when you’re all hyped up in the festivities that it can be overwhelming and you may want to spend time with family and friends until the early hours of the morning. BUT it’s important to go to sleep too. You will feel so much more well rested on Christmas day and you’ll thank yourself for it. I’ve done it before when I’ve gone to bed at like 2am and woke up to start the day at 8am and burned myself out by 12pm.

6. Give yourself a present. I do this every year as a way to allow my spending to be accepted. But honestly do it!! Something little that you’ve always wanted but never bought. Something big if you wanna do that too!

That’s all my tips. Obviously, if you have any yourself, comment them below! It’s also important to say that f things have got so bad you’re feeling unsafe, the quickest way to get help is calling 999 or going to A&E. Heck even message me, just don’t suffer alone.

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22 thoughts on “Looking After Your Mental Health At Christmas / Blogmas Day 17

  1. I’m feeling this at the moment. Unfortunately at work we’re about 150 hours short a week and my manager didn’t see it this way and just told me to leave my position if I couldn’t cope when I asked for help. I’m just using time at home to take more care of myself now. Filling myself with sweet treats and Christmas films is the way forward I think!

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  2. From someone whos suffered mental health issues in the past & present, i know Christmas is such a difficult time. This year i’ve got the added pressure of having a job and having to work christmas eve, boxing day, new years eve & new years day and ive found my coping habit is spending all my wages on stuff for me, i deserve to treat myself and ive always planned some fun stuff for when my contract ends in January so i know that i only have about 8 more shifts to get me through it and just trying to think about the postitives like the money and that the experience will look good on my cv!

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      1. I work nightshifts so its like 11pm-7am on fridays and saturdays but because its christmas we have to work extra hours and im just struggling with the lack of sleep and the changes to my normal rountine 😭xx


  3. I love the idea of giving yourself a present for Christmas, I’ve never thought about that before. I think I’m gonna view my decision to splurge a little on a .com domain for my blog as my Christmas present to myself this year. Love your blog! Take care

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