A Christmas Tag / Blogmas Day 16 🎅

Hiya everyone! For today’s post I thought I’d do a Christmas tag! I’m aware I did one last year but I found a different set of questions so I’m deciding to do that instead!

When is an acceptable date to start playing Christmas music?

The logic side of my brain is telling me after my birthday (the 25th of November!) but my extra festive and excited side of my brain says 1st January. NEVER STOP. Hahaha I’m joking but I think I started listening to Christmas music properly around mid October which I know is still early but I just LOVE Christmas music!

All time favourite Christmas album?

I know this is cliché but it’s gotta be Michael Bublé’s – Christmas. Not the most inventive title of an album, I’ll say that now but the album is beautiful! If you haven’t listened to any of this then what ya doing?!! I’d suggest listening to; It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas or Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). The latter is my all time fave. I adore proper belting the “baby please come home” part of the song.

How do you spend Christmas morning?

It’s really chill to be honest. We all get up about 8am (ish) and then just go downstairs, unwrap presents and eat breakfast. That’s all we do really. We’ve got into the habit the last couple years of visiting my nan before dinnertime so maybe that counts as Christmas morning?!

What’s a new Christmas tradition you want to start doing?

I’m not really sure on this one. I love Christmas at my house A LOT already so there isn’t much I’d like to change. I think I’m gonna change this question for when I have a house of my own with a partner or something, and something I’d love to do is decorate the house with them. Not just the tree, the whole house.

What is your favourite baked good around Christmas time?

Anything spicy. Gingerbread, cinnamon cookies. I made these delicious cookies the other day which had all the spices in. I’m talking nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. They were so good!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

I want a new camera. I don’t need one because I have the Iphone 7 so the camera is pretty decent with that but I just want to up my game a little. Apart from that, I can’t think of anything that I want. Oh maybe some more vinyl or clothes because you can never have too many of those.

Favourite Christmas candle scent?

As I said before, anything spicy. I have quite a lot of candles that are cinnamon scented. I’m loving The Vegan Bunny’s Christmas Pudding candle at the moment, which they kindly sent to me a while back and I am obsessed. Definitely will be repurchasing soon!

What is your ideal secret Santa gift?

Similar to my previous question, I don’t think you can go wrong with a candle of some sort. A pillar candle or a nice lil jar one, you really can’t go wrong can ya??

When is your ideal gift shopping time?

Well I do a lot of it online because I have a “busy” schedule (I don’t really but college finishes at around 3 every day and then I gotta blog and then before ya know it, it’s 7pm and it’s too late to go shopping) so I don’t really struggle with shopping times. When I do go actual shopping, I guess the perfect time is either right in the morning or Friday-Saturday at around 7-8pm because everyone goes out at that time!

A picture that reminds you of Christmas.


Of course the German Market reminds me of Christmas! I rarely go because of my anxiety but I am starting to make an effort with going a lot more. I made a post with me visiting the market here!

How do you like to decorate your house/apartment/room?

Over the top!! I like fairy lights everywhere. My goal for this year is to get some of the old school Christmas fairy lights, with all the different colours! I obviously like the tree being put up too!

What is your favourite Christmas activity?

Dinner! I fuckin love Christmas dinner because of how much vegetables I can pile on my plate without being judged for it! I’m actually planning to have two vegan roasts for Christmas time! Linda Mccarteney’s Beef Roast with Red Wine and Shallot Glaze and the Vegusto Rustic Vegan Roast. Yummy. If I cooked both of these on Christmas day, they’ll probably last me until the new year!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas time?

Being with all of my family. We see a lot of people around Christmas. This year, my auntie and uncle are having their 50th Wedding Anniversary party as they got married in the Christmas period, so that’s exciting! We get to visit my nan too! A lotta lotta family!

That’s it! I tag (if they have time to do this tag!):

Here’s the post I did this time last year for Blogmas day 17!!!

christmas exit

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16 thoughts on “A Christmas Tag / Blogmas Day 16 🎅

  1. I fucking love Christmas too! It’s also my birthday month, win win! The cookies you made sound delicious! I am making white chocolate fudge with cranberries and pistachio’s either tomorrow night or Monday afternoon. I can’t wait!

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