Winter Week Lookbook / Blogmas Day 15 ⛄

Hiya everyone! I haven’t really done much fashion related posts on this blog but I really want to so I thought I’d give it a go! I don’t think OOTW is a thing but I really don’t think I’m artsy enough to do an OOTD because one, I don’t have the confidence to go out and allow someone to take a ton of photos of me and two, I don’t have a decent camera ~yet~. I’m hopefully going to get one super soon so if you have an recommendations let me know! So yeah, I’m gonna show you my outfits in a week because that’s interesting right?! It’s going to be winter themes and I think I may do these every season? If that works out?

1. brownies

Untitled design

HAHHAA, this makes me cringe so hard. I basically called this brownies because my teacher told me on the day of me wearing this, that I look like I am going to a Brownies meeting. Ya know, the guides club? This outfit is super simple. Top is from H&M, trousers from New Look and cardigan is from New Look. I did wear these shoes with them, that are also from New Look but I got them for college last year so I can’t find them on their site anymore! Can you tell I love New Look?

2. k-metal

Untitled design.jpg

This outfit is one that I often wear. Why? Because it’s emo, simple as. It’s so comfy because the jeans are a little loose so they aren’t as skinny as my other jeans but they still look like I’ve made an effort basically. My t-shirt is from a concert I went to, Babymetal were supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers and no offence, but I liked their merch a lot more than RHCP. I haven’t been able to find the top anywhere online, but it was their official tour merch so maybe it was limited edition? My jeans are from New Look which is no surprise here. My trainers are new, I got them from Skatehut. They are super comfy and I knew they were gonna be because they are super similar to the other pair of trainers I got recently too!

3. Morticia Addams


Untitled design (1).jpg

This was for a night out, if you couldn’t tell. Apologises for the first photo being blurry as fuck – it was the only outfit picture I took and I was already tipsy on pre-drinks hahaha. My dress was from Matalan a few years ago now so I’m not surprised that I couldn’t link it for you but here is two very similar dresses here and here. My fishnet tights were from New Look. Don’t you think they are just beautiful? I love the diamantes but to be honest with you, they are overpriced when you can buy normal fishnet tights for like £1.50! My trainers are the ones I mentioned in the previous post, link is here. Let me tell you, if you are willing to purchase anything from this post, these shoes!!! They are so comfy honestly, never had to wear plasters with them to avoid blisters. They are a perfect choice for a night out where I don’t think I’d cope with heels on!

4. Pinafore

Untitled design (2).jpg

This is such a cute and simple outfit that I throw together all too often and I thought I had to show you!! Yes I notice that the bit that covers your tummy and boob area is a little small but there was nothing I could do about it and honestly, it’s not my fault my boobs are too big for this pinafore!! My pinafore is from Asos and I just adore it. I bought it quite a while ago so I’m shocked that they still sell it! My tights are from New Look as is everything else in my wardrobe tbh.. I literally don’t think I own anything that’s not from New Look hahaha. I just bought some super thick tights because it’s winter but ya girl still wants to look cute in dresses! My shoes are the same as worn in the first outfit. My top under the pinafore is from H&M from years upon years ago but it’s a basic top so you can probably get it anywhere!

5. Nancy Wheeler

Untitled design (3).jpg

The reason behind this outfit title is purely because I am wearing a Stranger Things top and also, a similar jacket to what Nancy wore a lot in season one! My top is from the recent Stranger Things fashion line in Topshop and my jacket is from Topshop too! My jeans are from New Look. My shoes are from Skatehut!

6. Skater

Untitled design (4).jpg

I’m aware that all of my outfits are practically the same and that’s simply because I stick to what I know and that’s all! My top is evidently from Thrasher but I actually got it from Skatehut! I got it pretty recently and this was the first time me wearing it and I love it. I feel so pop punk whilst it’s on my body hahaha. My jeans are the exact same ones I am wearing above in outfit five and they are from New Look. My trainers are also the Nike shoes in outfit five because I like to wear my clothes more than once, like everyone. PS – I’m aware I have a bodge in the first photo here but truth be told, I have a bodge in every photo I ever take because I have a bodge on my body and I very much like it.

7. Royal Blood

Untitled design (5)

Can we ignore how messy my room is because I was rushing about this morning and I had no time to tidy it hahaha. My top is from the Royal Blood gig I went to in November so I’m well chuffed with it. My jeans are from New Look but I bought them last year and they aren’t on sale anymore unfortunately! My fish nets are just from a random Ebay store because they are cheap and I refuse to spend £4 on them from New Look when they get wrecked after one use hahaha. My Nike trainers are the same as above. AND if you are interested, my bra is from Boux Avenue, I know you can kinda see it.

Those are some of my favourite outfits this season! Let me know which ones are your favourite?! I hope u have a lovely rest of the day guys!

christmas exit

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