what I ate #6 / Blogmas Day 13 πŸŽ„

Hiya! I thought I’d do another one of these to show you what I eat in a day when it’s all cold and wintery.

Breakfast -Weetabix, strawberries, banana and agave syrup

Dinner – Tofu katsu curry and veggie gyoza (sorry for the first photo being out of focus)

Snack – cinnamon apples and cherries

Tea – lasagna, chips and garlic breadΒ 

That’s all I ate this day! I ate everything my tummy wanted and I ate tons of comfort foods and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here’s a link to my 2016 Blogmas blog post for this exact day! What a throwback!

christmas exit

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22 thoughts on “what I ate #6 / Blogmas Day 13 πŸŽ„

  1. Yum! I could go for some tea and definitely lasagna right now, hah. Everything looks so tasty! I will have to try the apples with cinnamon; I’ve eaten horrible this year.

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