Christmas Lush Haul! / Blogmas Day 11 β›„

Hiya everyone! Welcome back to another Blogmas post. I’m really loving Blogmas this year. I think it’s because I’m branching out into so many different areas of blogging – fashion, makeup, food etc! Today’s post is going to be a Lush haul, because is it really Christmas if you haven’t done A LOT of shopping at Lush?! Well for me it isn’t.

1. Twilight Bath Bomb

I know this one isn’t a Christmas bath bomb but I only ever buy this around Christmas. Why? I guess I’ve made it my own personal Christmas bath bomb hahaha. I love it. It reminds me of Christmas but it’s also not your conventional Christmas scent (I say this but it isn’t even trying to be Christmassy). This bath bomb is wonderful if you struggle with sleeping, this one is perfect. Just pop in the bath before bed and it should aid you in having a peaceful sleep!

2. The Snowman Bubbleroon


You can class yourself as a true Lush fan if you remember the melting snowman from their Christmas range years ago! He was my favourite and it wasn’t Christmas until I had one of those guys! Sadly, Lush stopped doing them a couple Christmas’ back but they’ve replaced him with this little guy! He isn’t exactly the same but still wonderful nonetheless. He is just SO CUTE, I couldn’t not buy him.

3. Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb


This is a new one to add to the already massive Lush Christmas range and I’m impressed! He has so many colours popping out of him when he hits the water, it’s amazing. It smells a lot like gingerbread in my opinion which is always a win!

4. The Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand


I’m actually shocked at myself that I’ve not tried this one before now?! I love cinnamon and anything related to that spice so this is like the ideal bath scent for me. Anyway, cannot fault this. It is a lot of money to fork out on initially but it lasts so long! I can get at least 8 baths out of the Karma bubble bar so I get plenty more out of this one. I may have to pop into Lush to get a handful more before they leave the shop floor!

5. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


This is always a bath bomb that I see around Christmas and say I’ll pick up but never do. This year I did!Β Β I love the scent, so fresh yet warm. It’s like the perfect little Christmas gift. I will definitely be purchasing these for some friends.

6. Thundersnow Bath Bomb


I’m pretty sure this is a new one for this years range because I’ve never seen it before!? It smells exactly like mint hot chocolate and I bloody adore it. I already have repurchased it twice this year so far haha. The colour it lets off in the bath is just divine, it kinda looks like my walls in my room!?

7. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb


I repurchase this one every single year I think. No shame at all hahaha. It smells like lavender and warm tonka which is such a lovely smell! I just love all the colours it gives off within the water, not a dull moment in the bath.

8. Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb


I’ve never purchased this one before and god knows why!? It smells so incredibly fruity, almost like a Christmas pudding – which you’d think the Luxury Lush Pud would smell like? It’s also got bananas in it which is just amazing. Anything banana related is my favourite!

9. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb


I was very weary of this one because when I heard these were being released, I didn’t think I’d like it. I bought this online with a couple others because I smelt it in the shop, put it down but really wanted to test it out afterwards. I haven’t used it yet because to be honest, I’m nervous and I’ve been waiting until its almost Christmas because it just smells like Christmas to me.

10. Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb


I just love this one. It’s a bath bomb but has tiny little bath melts in side of it (the stars are them!) so it’s a super moisturising bath bomb. It turns the water into a nice blue colour which I absolutely adore. I know some people are picky when it comes to glitter in their bath bombs but I personally love it!

And those are my favourite Lush products this Christmas! I hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know if you have liked any of these products?! I hope you have a lovely rest of the day as well!

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  1. I’ve worked the last two holiday seasons at Lush – I’m not working there this year which feels really weird. They have so many new products this year! My favorite scent from their holiday range is the Golden Wonder but as I haven’t tried bath bomb yet, I always go for the Bubbly shower gel. The Baked Alaska soap is also great.

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