Come Away With Me: Swansea / Blogmas Day 10 ❄️

Hiya! On the first of this month I went up to Swansea to visit my best friend, Lauren, as that is where she goes to university! So I thought I’d make a little blog post about my trip there for the weekend because it was bloody wonderful.

Friday 1st ~

This day was spent travelling because I got the coach as the train was TOOO EXPENSIVE!! It was like £72 and that may not be a lot but for me it was far too much. I was meant to get the coach at 3pm but it got delayed by 45 minutes!!! The most annoying thing was that, it was literally in the bay waiting so it was just taunting me for 45 bloody minutes.

Alas, I got on the coach eventually. And then I got to Swansea. And then I met Lauren and all was good. We ran from the bus station to the Tesco to get some bits and bobs and then went back to Lauren’s flat. We didn’t have that long to sit and chill because we started getting ready to go out. I know I posted a while ago that I disliked alcohol and I don’t know what came over me recently but I’ve just be like GIVE ME ALL THE ALCOHOL. It’s fine because I’m being healthy and practical about it, I’m not being excessive.


When we finished getting ready, we went into the communal areas of the flat and did some drinking games with the flat. This was because not many of them were actually going out on the night so we got to spend time with them before getting hammered. I think we left the flat at like 11pm ish, not too sure. We went to Jack Murphy’s on Wind Street which is like an emo bar and it sells the cheapiest shots I’ve ever liked.

We literally got the shots and peed and left to go to the next club which was Fiction. This was by far the best experience I’ve had clubbing. We spent the whole night (I say whole night but we left at 5am, so morning too hahaha!) in the vinyl section of the club. They played absolute bangers like Grease Lightning, Breaking Free, Mambo Number 5, All I Want For Christmas is You and Dancing Queen. A lotta lotta bops.


Saturday 2nd ~

I know I technically recorded what happened on this morning on Friday’s section but I thought I’d document the coming back to the flat part here! We left the club at 4:30 ish, again I’m not sure because I was hammered and I really didn’t care for the time. We got McDonalds because it was literally right outside the club (convenient for sales don’t u think??) and I got chips and Lauren got a burger and chips and life was good.

We got in just after 5am and then just lay in bed and talked for some amount of time. I don’t know when we got to sleep but I remember walking up just before 7am and we were both wide awake and fell asleep again. We did eventually wake up at 9am though! We got some breakfast (I fancied Lidl’s super noodles so that’s what I had!) and then got ready for the day.


We decided to walk along the beach to town in order to do some shopping. It was a long walk but it was fun! When we got to town, it was around 3pm I think so we were starting to get hungry. We walked along the Christmas market stalls and bought a couple things and then went to get food. Turtle Bay was always a place that I wanted to eat at but never got round to. Today was the day! They did such an array of vegan food and it made me happy. I got the coconut chickpea and mushroom wrap with spiced fries and some salad. It was yum.


We didn’t really think it through because when we left Turtle Bay, all of the shops was closing down and we didn’t visit what we planned to do! We ran into Zara, Miss Selfridge, New Look and Ann Summers and bought nothing! I put a little red jumper from Primark and Lauren got a dark blue/green jumper. All we had to show from this day out was a reallyyyyy full tummy, a jumper each and some spiced nuts. We was gonna walk back again but it was SUCH a long walk so we got the bus which got us home within 20 minutes.


By this point, we were super tired and didn’t wanna do much. We did plan to go get smashed again but that was far from what happened! Within a couple minutes, pyjamas were on and Elf was on the television. We just lay in bed and watched that. It was around 9pm and we were both falling asleep. That’s how tired we both were!!

Sunday 3rd ~

This was the day of leaving!! So sad.

I got up at 9am because I really needed to wash my hair (tmi?) and Lauren just stayed in bed and slept whilst I was washing myself. We both slowly got changed and prepared to leave. My coach was at quarter past eleven so we had plenty of time to get ready and catch the bus to the station.


I got on my coach and left Lauren. I was quite sad. I literally sat and cried for a good 15 minutes after I sat down. Bet it looked like a movie scene because my ass literally touched the seat and tears started rolling.

In all seriousness, I had such a good time visiting my friend and I want to do it again tomorrow. Or right now. I hope you enjoyed following me around for the weekend because I enjoyed reliving it! I hope you’re also enjoying Blogmas!!!

christmas exit

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