If We’re Having Coffee #2 / Blogmas Day 7 πŸŽ…

Hiya babes! Before I get into this post, I’d thought I’d remind you about the giveaway I’m hosting on Twitter! The link to it is here, all you have to do is retweet the tweet and follow me!

I’m back with another catch up type post! I just love writing these and reading them so I thought, for Blogmas I’d do another! Let me know below if you like these yourself, it will give me an idea on how frequently to post them! I’m not thinking of any time frame in particular but if you want them monthly then I’d think about it!!

If we’re having coffee.. I’d be sure to tell you that I’m really loving doing Blogmas this year! I loved it last year but I truly believe I’m having more fun planning and writing posts this year! I don’t know why but I think it has a lot to do with me writing about what I want to write about instead of stressing over things I think people would like.

If we’re having coffee… I’d tell you I like mine with no sugar and almond milk. I think this is so weird but I like my tea with two sugars and almond milk, but absolutely no sugar is needed in my coffee. How do you like your coffee?

If we’re having coffee… I would be mentioning how my record collection is growing massively. Since my birthday was last month, I got a lot of presents that came in a rather large cardboard sleeve and I’m okay with that. I also got money and we all know what I spend all my money on (hint it rhymes with schecords)

If we’re having coffee… then I would be sure to tell you that I’m so excited for Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I just love seeing my local town in all of its festivity! What about you? What is your town like at Christmas?

If you’ve read this far, let me know below how you are!? I love reading about what you guys have been doing and what you are getting up to so lemme know!

christmas exit

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