Music I’m Loving This December! / Blogmas Day Two 🌟

Hiya and welcome back to another post in my Blogmas series! If you haven’t seen any of my other posts this December then, I’m posting every day until Christmas!! A link to my seasonal blog post list is here and there you can see all the posts I’ve published so far this year and the ones I did last year too!

I thought for today’s post I’d show you guys some of the music I’ve been listening to and obsessing over this month so far. Obviously I’m not just going to include some new music, but there may be some oldies within this post because my favourite thing about Christmas is all of the old-ish music that everyone loves!!

1. Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas) // Dallon Weekes


Is it really a Sophie list if I haven’t included this song?? If any of you know me from my emo years, I adored Panic! at the Disco and especially, Dallon. And in true Dallon style, it talks about an otherwise not mentioned topic at Christmas time – mental health. I think this song is so lovely and important because mental illnesses don’t disappear at Christmas.

2. Last Christmas // Wham!







This is such an oldie but a goodie! I can’t help but dance to this at all, it’s such an iconic song.

3. Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande










I just love this song. I have done since it was released. I’m a closeted Ariana Grande fan and I have been for years! It just makes me wanna dance and it’s got really relatable lyrics.

4. Fool’s Holiday // All Time Low



I love All Time Low. I love Christmas music. It was just fitting.

5. Passionfruit // Drake (Covered by Paramore)







Is this a cheat because it’s a cover? Probably. I adore this. It came out a while back but I just always find myself listening to it whenever I’m binge watching Youtube videos! Does anyone else love this?

6. Genesis // Dua Lipa


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Anything by Dua Lipa is just right up my street and I’ve loved it since this album came out!

7. Sickly Sweet Holidays // Dallon Weekes

Bet you didn’t expect another Dallon Weekes song?? I just love this one and I wanted to include it for no reason other than, how jazzy and dancy it is!

8. Week Without You // Miley Cyrus

Not a Christmas song but I have been listening to this A LOT since it came out, in the end of September I wanna say? This entire album is AMAZING and if you take one thing from this blog post, listen to this album!!!

9. All I Want For Christmas Is You // Mariah Carey

I’m pretty sure it’s the law that this is on your Christmas playlist…? Don’t you agree?

10. Fairytale Of New York // The Pogues

This is by far my favourite Christmas song, I think! I don’t know why I love it so much because it’s up there in my top 5 I would say!

These are my faves for this season! I hope you enjoyed reading about them and let me know if you like any of these too!

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10 thoughts on “Music I’m Loving This December! / Blogmas Day Two 🌟

  1. Some great choices. I’m starting to feel those festive vibes too.
    Jimmy Eat World’s cover of “Last Christmas” always makes me smile. Takes me back to hungover Sunday’s binge-watching The OC (it’s on The OC Christmas mixtape).
    Peace and love xx

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