December Goals / Blogmas Day One πŸŽ…

Hiya!!! I did these a while ago when I started this little corner of the internet but I never followed through with them or update you guys! I think that’s gonna change today! I’m going to tell you guys all my goals for this month, whether they be big or small and then update you the following month. In that same post, I’ll tell you all my new goals and so on!


1. Try out some different foods. Get out of my comfort zone with foods. I’m way too comfortable with eating the same foods each and every day and I’ve gotta branch out!

2. Drink more water. I probably drink a decent amount but not enough! I wanna at least drink two litres daily.

3. Get in a little bit more in shape. Not like to lose weight or anything. Just get more in shape, so I don’t run out of breathe whilst running up the stairs or for the bus.


1. Try and smash out some killer Blogmas posts. I mean it. I have like 50% of Blogmas planned and I haven’t done the rest because I’ve been putting myself as a priority. I feel a lot better so I gotta get Blogmas finished!

2. Finish all of my drafts. Honestly, if you saw my drafts, you’d cry. There is so many waiting to be finished!

3. Get some collabs sorted! Honestly, if you’re reading this and you wanna collab, hit me UP! Either dm me on Twitter or email me, those are probs the easiest ways to contact me!

That’s it! I know it’s a short one today but when I follow on from this hopefully next month, it will be a lot longer! I hope you’re excited for blogmas!

christmas exit

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