What I Got For My Birthday!


It was my birthday on the 25th of this month and I got well and truly spoilt of course. I’ve decided to show you guys what I got but I just wanna point out that I am no way showing off or bragging what I’ve received and I am so grateful for everything because so much thought was put into everything!

1. Sempiternal ~ Bring Me The Horizon Vinyl


I am forever blessed with getting records for my birthdays and Christmas. Surprisingly, I didn’t have this yet but I had their newer album!? I’m so happy I have this because I’ve always wanted it but never got round to actually purchasing it.

2. Pop Funko Thor Ragnarok


If anyone knows me, they know Thor is my favourite marvel superhero. I think it’s because of the ancient history storylines because it heavily features Norse mythology. I love it. I haven’t actually watched Thor Ragnarok yet!! It’s on my to-do list.

3. Harry Styles ~ Harry Styles Vinyl


IT’S ABOUT TIME YA GIRL GOT THIS!!!! I love Harry and One Direction and this album is beautiful. I haven’t listened to it on my record player yet but I know I definitely will soon. I’m writing this post on the 26th November and this has been the only free moment I’ve had because my birthday weekend has been so so busy hahaha.

4. Short T-Shirt ~ H&M


I couldn’t actually find this top on H&M but I linked one very similar, that I also want. It’s such a cute simple top that will pretty much go with anything. I’m thinking under burgundy pinafores or just with tucked into mom jeans.

5. 5 Pack Trainer Socks ~ H&M


I know this is SUCH a weird birthday present but I actually requested them. My washing machine somehow eats all my socks and I keep losing them so I needed new ones asap. So I got some socks and they are so cute, I’m happy with them.

6. The Queen Is Dead ~ The Smiths Vinyl


I love The Smiths. I know they are band that everyone under the sun likes The Smiths and many deem them as an overrated band. BUT I LOVE THEM! This is one of my favourite albums, not including Louder Than Bombs obviously. But yes I am very happy with this present so thank you!

7. Hotel Chocolat 70% Dark Chocolate Batons


This chocolate is beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate because it’s so bitter and I’m not about that life but this is so tasty.

8. Adidas FLB Trainers


Okay I technically got these myself with my birthday money so it counts!! They are so comfy. I wore them on a night out for my birthday and they didn’t rub me in the slightest and I kinda expect them to. I had plasters at the read and everything. Would recommend!

Thank you for reading. Lemme know what you liked from this little haul down below. I may do one for Christmas but I’m unsure. Let me know if you’d be interested in that?! I hope you have a lovely rest of the day! Can we also talk about how the next post you’ll see from me will be the start of Blogmas?!?! How has that gone so fast?


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27 thoughts on “What I Got For My Birthday!

  1. wow you got some great stuff! i especially like the Adidas trainers and the harry styles vinyl album ❀

    for my birthday, i got a new pair of goggles and some swim caps because that's pretty much what all your gifts consist of when you're a swimmer XD my parents are also paying for my lifeguard training course though which is my main gift.



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