I Don’t Want To Follow the Norm

Hiya everyone! I hope you’re all doing well!

Growing up I always wanted to follow the norm. Get married, have kids, work, work and more work. I used to look up to adults who get married early and are in a happy marriage. Whilst, yes that’s still an amazing thing, it’s not something I necessarily want. I used to also think people aged twenty had their life together and set for the future. Now me being almost twenty, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Even though still now, I do wonder when I’ll be walking down the aisle, I also wonder if I will be. I think we are forced to do these things to fit the norm. Do we get married, have kids at an early-ish age because we want to or because we’re told we’re supposed to?

At the age of 19, I am told I am supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Heck, we are told we should know at 13 when we pick our GCSE’s to do. I still don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life and if I picked the right GCSE’s to do it.

I often shock people when they know I’m at university but I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I don’t know what job I want to have until I retire. I don’t know who the love of my life is. I don’t know anything. Why do we need to plan our lifes because it’s even started? It’s almost as if people portray life as some sort of exam that we either pass with flying colours or fail terribly.

I for one do not want to follow the norm. I don’t want to follow the set rules given to us by god knows who and that be my life. I want my life to be more adventurous. So what if I spend my entire life travelling the world and don’t actually settle down and get married? Why should that be a thing we HAVE to do?!

Of course I’m not talking down to anyone who wants to actively follow the guidelines because it’s your life! You do as you please! That’s my exact argument. You do whatever you want with you life if it makes you happy. Whether that is having a 9-5 job with a marriage and kids on the side or whether that is travelling the world, living life with whatever it throws at you.

I for one am doing the latter. I don’t care if I never get married. I don’t care if I never have kids. I don’t care if I don’t know what I want to do with my life. All I know is I wanna have fun living it and I will do just that.


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33 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Follow the Norm

  1. This is everything. I wish everyone thought this way. I wish we (at least those of us in America) weren’t asked at age 12 what we wanted to do and that’s that. I wish it was easier to follow every passion we have. Maybe then, we wouldn’t all be so confused, upset, depressed, and stuck. Maybe we could all actually enjoy life.

    I love your attitude! I love that you see that it’s okay to not follow the norm. You go, girl!

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  2. Don’t worry about not knowing what you want to do with your life…I feel that most people don’t know, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Life is mysterious and huge and full of adventures. If you find something that you love and you’re able to do it, then you’re set.

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    1. Thank you! I find comfort in knowing that not a lot of people know what to do with their life, but I wish everyone did know because that would make everyone’s life so much easier hahah!


  3. Yay I am so pleased for you, that is a wonderful attitude to have and also a very healthy one. Also what is so great about following the path so many others have trod anyway, so much better to forge you own path. Granted you may trip occasionally but just get back up dust yourself down and carry on going your own way.

    My therapist once said to me “just do what makes you happy” – fast forward a couple of years

    I now have tattoos, blue hair and pierced almost everything that can be pierced.

    You wont regret going your own way.

    (Sorry for the big comment but I really love it when people go their own way) Yay again.

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  4. From the perspective of a 77 year old some wisdom: You do not have to know what you want to do at 19! There are many years ahead and you may pursue several different careers/passions in your life. You are doing well understanding that you are unique and you should be yourself. Keep on!

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