A Letter to my Fourteen Year Old Self.

Everything is going to be fine. I know you’re dealing with so so SO much shit right now but believe me it’s going to be fine.

You’ll be able to find happiness soon enough and all of these troubles you’re struggling with will almost be gone. No more starving. No more crying yourself to sleep. No more self pity.


I know you are thinking that everything will always be this way but believe me it’s not. You’re not going to get the help you deserve but it’s okay. You deserve all the help in the world but no one wants to give it to you. As I’m writing this you are finally being offered therapy for everything. It’s about 4 years too late but you’re grateful. So grateful because you know that you’re still not okay but you can’t help but think you don’t deserve it because the NHS and every therapy place you got referred to just ignored your application or just didn’t want to help you.

But you’re probably so happy you finally got therapy.

Be kinder to yourself, love. You’re capable of so much and you don’t even have the foggiest idea of it. You are enough and fuck anyone don’t actually who tells you or makes you think otherwise.

You’ll finish college and you will go to university. I know you don’t think you’ll do that because you aren’t clever enough. But you’re working so hard to achieve what you want and that’s something to be proud of.

You’re not where you want to be yet but you’re getting there. Soon you’ll be able to say that in a few years you’ll be okay and I hope that’s enough for you.


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22 thoughts on “A Letter to my Fourteen Year Old Self.

      1. I’ve been waiting forever. I got my first assessment when I was 14 and heard nothing for yearssss. BUT I had a reassessment last month and I’m in an emergency waiting list (bc I dropped out of university) and hopefully I won’t be waiting too long! I need support asap, but everyone who is in the lists needs the support asap and it upsets me that no one is getting it!

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      2. Hmm weird. When I was under 18, it was under a month for me to be seen but as soon as I turned 18, that changed and the waiting list was longer. Have u checked whether ur eligible for ieso health – itโ€™s online counselling but their waiting list is so much shorter! x

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  1. Ohh this was so lovely to read, I kind of felt like I’d been on the journey with you after reading this! So amazing to see how far you’ve come and that things DO get better. Proud of you Soph, amazing post as always ๐Ÿ’žx

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  2. I am so glad you are going to get the help you need. I was on the waiting list for six months but my therapy started three weeks ago. It really is worth the wait though, they are so kind, understanding and patient. Best of luck and I send you my best wishes.

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