what i ate #5

Hiya! I’m back with another what I ate in a day blog post! When this is being uploaded, I’ll be in university but this was actually documented when I was at home! I did blog posts this far ahead because I knew I’d probably be very busy at university the first couple months so I worked super hard to prepare posts so I wouldn’t have to stress about making them last minute!

Breakfast – Weetabix with almond milk and strawberries

These were bloody giant strawberries! I had to cut them into quarters to make them small enough for me! For anyone wanting to know the perfect weetabix and milk ratio, I just put a random amount of milk in the jug to microwave and then I just pour them on the weetabix until the milk is level with the height of the weetabix if that makes sense? Then I soak and stir!

Dinner – Spaghetti Hoops on Toast (lol)

This was sooooo good. I used vitalite butter and I put a little bit of a creamy cheddar cheese style spread! Then I topped it with some spaghetti hoops and sprinkled some nooch on top! Quick and simple but very satisfying.

Tea – Falafel and veg in sweet and sour sauce with cous cous!

I made too much here for one single meal but does that mean I didn’t attempt to eat it? No! This was a kinda mixed meal because I didn’t plan on having the sauce but I thought it would have been too dry otherwise so I added it last minute. Still as yummy as planned though.


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