Ways Anxiety Ruins A Life

Hiya! I thought I’d do a little blog post about anxiety and how it makes me struggle on a daily basis because I don’t think anxiety has much awareness at all. People tend to assume that anxiety is simple just being nervous and that’s not the case for many anxiety sufferers at all.

1. Double checking. I do this to death and it’s rather annoying. Before leaving the house, I double check that I haven’t left the oven on or any electrical items or what have you. I don’t trust what I see at all so I check it again, and again, and again. It’s exhausting.

2. I worry that I’m dying. This sounds like an exaggeration but it’s not at all. If I have a sharp (or minor for that matter) ache or pain in any part of my body, I assume the worst. For example, a headache may make me assume I have a tumour. An ache in my boob makes me assume I have breast cancer (this genuinely may be because my mother died of breast cancer so the thought it’s hereditary is always there). Heart palpitations mean I have a heart attack coming on. I’m really not over-exaggerating at all and in no way am I mocking those serious problems but my anxiety doesn’t think twice about that stuff.

3. Intrusive thoughts. I often get vivid images or thoughts unwillingly about family members dying, people around me dying or whatever else is in that list. Honestly, it’s horrendous. They pop into my head unprovoked and during unnecessary times.

4. I dissociate. I detach from reality completely. Some days this can be for a couple minutes to an hour but some days it can be well over an hour to the whole day.

5. Constantly in physical pain. You may be reading this and thinking “what?! how??” but let me tell you. I’m contstantly on edge. Constantly clenching my jaw, I’ve been noticing it a lot lately and it’s annoying me because I can’t stop. Constantly nauseous. I can go on.

Like I said, I can literally go on and on with how anxiety ruins my life but it wouldn’t benefit anybody because I’ll just get stressed out haha. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day or night!


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23 thoughts on “Ways Anxiety Ruins A Life

    1. It’s a struggle. I’m currently in the process of getting rediagnosed but the likelihood of me having that disorder is apparently quite high which is sad but also calming bc I can put a name to my struggles! xxx

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  1. What a heart wrenching reality for those with anxiety disorders. I feel you on every single point. I am comforted by your brave approach to mental health awareness. Are you taking any medication? I have the same exact thing, and take 200 mg. of Zoloft, and two Ativan a day. I have to say that truly helps me, but there is hope my dear. God has helped me to overcome so much of that anxiety, to an almost doable level. I still have moments of utter despair and darkness, but I find if I seek the face of Jesus that my heart will be less troubled. You are so real, and you make a difference in my life.~

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    1. I am taking medication! I am on 10mg propranolol (Inderal) but I don’t think it’s working. I’m in the process of having a lot of tests done, for example rediagnosis’ and medication reviews so hopefully I can be put on something a little better! Thank you so much!


  2. I can relate to all of this so much, especially 2 & 5 – I think that I’m about to die any time I get any type of pain, sometimes I’ll get a pain in my eye and keep continuously blinking just to make sure I’m not going blind, it’s horrible and exhausting. With 5, I’m constantly on edge, I constantly feel sick, nauseous, anxious, I could be sat at home and a car door shutting outside will make me jump out of my skin and I’ll keep checking the windows just in case. Thanks for making this post, things like this aren’t talked about anywhere near enough .xx

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    1. I’m sorry that you can relate my love! I understand the eye thing, I had a little pain either today and I was telling myself I wasn’t going to be able to see if I closed my eyes for too long. Thank you so much, I’m hopefully gonna do some more because there’s so many mental health symptoms that are left untalked about! xxx

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  3. One of the shittiest parts, is when people don’t get it, they are just like you need to chill the fuck out and say things like “she always overreacts to things” and they just find you a nuisance ):

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  4. YES. I relate to all of these so much. Anxiety can be the worst. It’s crazy how no matter how much you remind yourself it’s just the anxiety talking (or thinking), it doesn’t make it any better or any less real.

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  5. Yes and some!!!!! I hate the shut the front door, check it, check it again, and once more. Go half way down the road, turn around go back and check again!! And walk away knowing you have done the above and have a full blown image of my dog running down the road after me and my door open even though you know it’s locked!!! Arghhhhhh frustrating to the max. And all the other stuff that goes on with life. Keep your chin up!! Vegan is the way forward!!!!!!! Take care

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