Dear Former Friends

Hiya! I thought I’d do a post similar to the one I did called People Who Saved my Life and write little messages to my former friends. I have quite a lot because I did used to make friend with the wrong crowds when I was in high school sadly, so some of these messages will be partially positive and some will be sad because some of my friends I didn’t wanna leave obviously. I’m not going to use names or initials because of privacy obviously!

Dear My First Ever Friend: I hope you’re having fun wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. We were friends all the way throughout nursery and primary school. Up until we were 11 years old and then we both went to different high schools, and the contact stopped. I was completely myself with you. I don’t think I’ve ever been comfortable around someone that much until my most recent friend so I’m so grateful for you. I haven’t seen you maybe since 2011 when we bumped into each other and exchanged a few warming words.

Dear Primary School Gang: I occasionally speak to one of you, and we always seem to like each other’s Instagram posts. The other, I don’t think I’ve spoken to since maybe 2014?! We planned to be friends forever but we grew apart. We tried so hard to remain friends when we moved to three different high schools but it was difficult. I think you two still hang out from time to time and that’s fine, we’ve just grown apart but I still sometimes wish we had made it.

Dear My First High School Friend: Okay this is cheating because you were from my primary school too and we just happened to be two of the few kids going to the same high school. We were only friends because of that. We were nothing similar. It took me a while to break away from you, you were friends with horrible people who bullied me but you insisted it was okay. It wasn’t and breaking away from you was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Dear My First Proper High School Friend: I’m so grateful for you. I don’t know why we still aren’t friends because we worked. We liked the same thing and we had the same sense of humour completely but I think we just drifted when I moved classes after year 10. We still speak occasionally (and I mean occasionally) but I’m always here whenever you need me I hope you know that.

Dear You Lot: You were absolutely lovely but we just grew apart. I felt like I didn’t belong anymore so I left this group until I found the group I am beyond happy with now. I’m still heartbroken and upset that you didn’t turn up to my birthday party.

Dear My True Friends: Thank you for you. This is probably the first time I’ve felt respected and honestly, loved, since my first best friend. You welcomed me with open arms even though I was hurt and a complete mess. I’m as confident as I am because of you guys. I’m as happy as I am because of you guys. I am so grateful for you – especially because of you, my bff xxx.

There it is. I left a couple of people out because they honestly were not worth talking about and I’m past bitching about people. I also threw in a spinner where I talked about my current friends and how grateful I am because I thought they deserved being mentioned after the train wreck I had with previous friends (and also so you guys didn’t think I was completely without friends!).

I hope you have a lovely day,


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