Revenge Bodies.

If you’re looking at the title of this post and wondering to yourself, “what is a revenge body?” then lemme tell you.

A revenge body is typically when an individual loses or gains weight alters their body weight in order to get revenge on, let’s say their ex partner or ex friend. This term was highlighted a lot when Khloe Kardashian achieved her “revenge body” by losing a crap ton of weight and actually made a work out dvd or tv show (can you tell I’m not too clued up on what she has done??) telling others how to get and maintain a revenge body.

And I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t! My first rhetorical question being, why should you want to lose weight to please anyone? Say a former partner broke up with you for being too chubby and they state that you being slightly overweight makes you a terrible person to date – wouldn’t losing that weight prove them correct? Losing the weight like they wanted you to do would do nothing but prove to them that what they thought was correct.

But even pushing the point I was previously trying to state aside, why are you still trying to validate their opinion? No one but you could decide whether you’re good enough and doing something that the other party wanted you to do to seek their approval counteracts that.

Whilst yes, if you want to lose weight, get back in shape or what have you after a break up, then nothing should stop you from doing that. But you have to decide whether you’re doing that for you or for your ex. Because if it’s for your ex then think twice because that’s not a good thing. Losing all that weight won’t heal your broken heart or will it make your ex come back to you because it won’t be enough. If they can find something that isn’t good enough for them at a certain weight, they’ll find something else at another weight point. Equally, think of this for yourself. If you are losing weight purely because you don’t like the way your tummy looks when you sit down or the way your thighs jiggle a little bit when you run, you will find something else when you get rid of those things. These type of behaviours aren’t good at all and I strongly believe you should find ways to love yourself without losing tons and tons of weight because it isn’t necessary.

I’m going on a bit of a ramble here for no reason at all so I might try and rap it up here. What I’m trying to get at is, the idea of revenge bodies is incredibly toxic and if uncontrolled, may end up in disordered eating. An obsession with being perfect which some eating disorders thrive off.

Greater revenge for your ex partner or friend is to live happily and free. Ignoring their “advice” and being truly happy within yourself.

I hope all of this makes sense hahaha because I’ve written this all within an hour sitting after seeing a tweet about revenge bodies.

Here’s a throwback?! This is a post I did roughly a year ago to this day. Click here.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day,


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