Baby Names I Love but Won’t be Using

This style of post is circulating Youtube during these recent months. Seeing the likes of Velvetgh0st, Louise Pentland and many more completing the tag (can you call it that??) and I thought I would join in! I umm and ahh’d for many days because I really wanted to do this post but I’m not pregnant nor do I think I will be in the next few years, but I thought what the hell and am doing it anyway!

Now, I’m not saying these names are ugly or horrible because I adore them but I just don’t think I’ll be using them for one reason or another. And I’m not insulting anyone who has these names. I’ll just get straight into it.

Girls Names:

1. Evie. I really love this name, it’s beautiful. I think I prefer it more than Eve and I think the reason I wouldn’t be using it is because it would be shortened to just that and I would hate every minute of it. I like the name Eve but I think Evie has such a cute tinge to it.

2. Edith. I think I have a E theme in this post hahaha. I think it sounds like an adorable name that could be used throughout the ages. I can imagine a toddler being called Edith and also an old lady called Edith. I don’t know why this name the list because if I had a child, I’d probably think about using it but I did know an old lady on my street called Edith and she passed away so I think that’s why I won’t be using it for my make believe child.

3. Robin. Again, such a cute name. I think it’s incredibly unisex so you could imagine any gendered baby being called Robin.

4. Darcy. I don’t now why I wouldn’t use it because it’s such a pretty name. It reminds me too much of Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones’ Diary though so that could be a possible reason why I’m against it.

Boy’s Names:

1. Forrest. AHHHH. I love it so much. I just don’t think I’m call enough to use it. Again, I guess this could be a unisex name but for some reason, I always assume a boy would be called Forrest.

2. Andy. I love it. I love the sound of typically British middle aged men names.

3. Akina. I think this is unisex but I think I would much rather call a boy Akina. (no hate to any females with this name, it’s a beautiful name) It just seems pretty badass!

4. Alcander. I don’t know where I heard this name but I’m in love with it. It sounds a lot like Alexander but it’s different and jazzy. A much jazzier version of Alexander.

And those are my baby names I love but won’t be using! I have a huge list stored away on my laptop but I won’t be sharing some of them because I really do think, if I have a child someday, that I will be using it and I’m keeping them to myself hahaha!

Let me know below if you like any of these names?!


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