My Home Room Tour

Hiya everybody! I hope you’re having a good day. For today’s post, I thought I’d show you my room. This is my room at my dad’s house and I cannot show you the university room tour like I originally wanted because as some of you may know, I have gone back home – permanently. Why I hear you ask? I didn’t cope very well and my mental health deteriorated so I made the decision to come home. I may go into this a bit further when I feel a lot better, I’m just struggling a lot right now!

I have obviously tidied A LOT before making this post because let’s face it, my room was a mess. I would blame blogging for that because everything I blog about doesn’t really have a space of its own but I am just going to blame myself because I’m terrible and never tidy up after myself hahaha.

When you first walk into my bedroom, you’re faced with my record player! It’s not ideal because the amount of times I’ve walked in my room quite fast and banged my hip bones on the wooden surface is beyond me. It hurts but unfortunately I don’t have anywhere else to put this. I have a fairly big room (the biggest room in the house, I don’t have a clue how I managed that haha) but I think I have a lot of big furniture and I have a huge chimney breast in my room which takes up a lot of the actual floor space.


If you look directly up from my record player, I have my tapestry and an assortment of other things. I have a lot of fairy lights around here because it’s a dark area and I also have my door, which is also home to my most used coats and bags!

Then as you walk in, to the left of you (the record player is to the right), I have my chest of drawers. Taking pride place on the top of the drawers is my framed signed poster from the first time when I met All Time Low in March! I adore it and I didn’t want it to get all crumpled if it was on the wall and fell so I found a picture frame (that it doesn’t really fit into but you tell me where you can find 11″x10″ frames). Next to it is my beautiful piggie teddy and shamelessly, my alcohol collection. I don’t really drink alcohol but people seem to think I do so I get a lot of gifts that are alcoholic. They kinda just sit there until I have friends around and then, we may drink. I don’t really know why this is here but my signed Last Young Renegade CD is sitting proudly on the drawers. This is from the second time I met All Time Low, if you’re interested in reading about it, it’s here.

Then if you carry on alongside the record player side of my room, you’re faced with my mirror come positivity wall. I did a blog post about this and it should be coming out soon. I just didn’t really like the photos I took so I am going to be redoing that at a later date! Following on from my mirror, I have my desk. It’s not really a desk because I don’t do any of my word there like I should (I do it on my bed instead hahaha) but it’s home to a small selection of my DVD’s and my Playstation 3. I’m aware I have an old playstation but I only use it to play Skyrim and watch DVD’s so I don’t need a fancy schmancy new gaming device. If you’re really interested, you can see what I’m currently watching alongside my playstation – series 6 of Shameless. I am rewatching the UK version and I will fight anyone who says the American version is better (I’m joking).


I have a lot of tsum tsum’s that sit across the entire top of my radiator. I am not scared to admit I’ve probably spent so much on these but they are. so. cute. I don’t know if it would be interesting or not, but I could do a post about my collection?! Would that be interesting? No? Okay..

Under my tsum tsum shrine, I have my bedside table. Nothing special. Just have a picture of my family in a frame. The picture looks weird so I’ll explain. Basically when my mum was in hospital and the doctors told us she only had a few weeks left with us, we all decided to dress up as various character (I was Po from the Teletubbies, my brother was Buzz Lightyear, my other brother was Scooby Doo etc) and it really cheered her up. I have it on my bedside for a great memory to look at if I’m a little sad.

Also on my bedside, I just have my diary where I schedule blog posts and just days out in and a classics book that my classics teachers gave me when I left college! It’s so cute. My bed is nothing special again, I currently have my Christmas bedding on because I love Christmas and I’m ready to celebrate it.

In front of my bed, I just have my wardrobe. I’m not going to go into my wardrobe to show you because that’s for another post I think! You’ll just have to wait to see haha. And just on top of my wardrobe, I have all of my university stuff because I am planning this post before I go to university so I don’t have to worry about it when I come to visit back home! I also forgot to mention that I have two shelves – one above my tv area and another above my record player. They are home to my speakers for that said player but they are also home to a couple other things. The one above my TV has a Tardis on it. I am a huge doctor who fan and have been since I was a child. I’ve had this Tardis since I was probably 9 years old?! And the other one has another Tardis but instead of being a toy, it’s a money-box! And in front of it I have a keepsake from Rome, not from my own adventures – my brother got it me!

And there’s my room! Again, lemme know if you’d like to see my record collection or my tsum tsum collection! Those would be super exciting to create. Have a lovely rest of the day!


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15 thoughts on “My Home Room Tour

  1. That tapestry is absolutely gorgeous!! I also love Tsum Tsums so much, I have Dumbo, Sven, Eeyore, Piglet and the Valentines Minnie Mouse one – I need the turtle!! Is it Squirt or Crush?! Pleeeease do a collection post I’d love it .xx

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  2. Your bed looks so cozy and comfortable😍
    Loved your room.
    Plz do post about your university life, like entry tests and all. It will be amazing as I’m in the process of getting into uni.


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