My Favourite Classical Women

Hiya! This is something HUGELY different on my blog today. If you know me even the tiniest amount, you know how much I love history as a subject. More importantly, ancient and classical history! So, I thought I’d incorporate this into my blog. I don’t know why I haven’t thought about writing this sort of stuff beforehand because honestly, this takes over my life a great deal..

1. Sempronia

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Sempronia is absolutely wonderful. I studied ever so briefly about her in my first year of alevels and I loved her. She was involved in politics which wasn’t very heard of at this time in Rome. She came from a very well known family so everyone held her at a very high standard. She was typically known as a non-matrona which basically means she wasn’t a very ideal wife. Everything Roman men wanted from a women, she did the opposite. She didn’t stay at home and weave, instead she went out and slept around with other men. She was very much different to the iconic Cornelia Africana, who everyone wanted to marry. This is why she is one of my favourite classical women; she didn’t give a fuck and did whatever she wanted regardless of what was expected of her.

2. Clodia

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I absolutely adore this women. She’s typically known as the infamous anti-matrona and was known to be an adulterer, poet and a gambler. She also casually killed her husband and accused her ex lover of trying to poison her. Again, she was very well educated in languages and philosophy and much was expected from her, but she didn’t listen. I learned about this wonderful women the same way I learnt about Sempronia, via a source of their courtcase. Cicero (who defended her ex lover) labelled Clodia as the Medea of her area which was such a bad thing at this time. Medea was a former princess who found out her husband was going to leave her so as revenge, she killed the new women and her own children and fled to Athens. So, that title was not seen as a positive thing.

3. Lucretia

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I’m not really a big fan of the whole Lucretia semi-myth story but I am a fan of what it sparked. The gist of Lucretia’s story is that her husband and his friend has a bet to see whose wife was the best Roman Matrona and Lucretia won. That being said, her husbands friend was “overcame with lust” and wanted Lucretia so went back to their house at night and raped Lucretia. When Lucretia came to terms with the rape, she committed suicide because she didn’t want to be the excuse for other women to sleep around. I know she didn’t technically sleep around but she didn’t want any other women to think it was okay to share a bed with anyone other than your husband. This suicide sparked a removal of the crown in Rome and began a republic. So she did a bloody amazing thing for Rome.

4. Roxanne

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I don’t think this women is that partically well known but you may know her husband – Alexander the Great. After studying Alexander in my second year of classics, I fell in love with Roxanne. She’s just such a lovely individual. In the movie Alexander (which I don’t rate very highly btw, very inaccurate. ALEXANDER DOESN’T RIDE BUCEPHALUS ISN’T THE BATTLE OF GAUGAMELA) she is pretty badass and doesn’t give a shit. She does what she wants and that’s it. Also, she does kill all of Alexander’s other wives because she doesn’t want to share him which makes me giggle.

Those are my favourite Classical women! Obviously I do love more but these were the ones that stood out as being fabulous to me. Let me know if you enjoy this post because I will for sure write more in the future.


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13 thoughts on “My Favourite Classical Women

  1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this! I never liked history at school as I find all those facts and names and dates pretty boring and often overwhelming. But when you write about it from such a human and modern perspective, it’s completely different! More please xx

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  2. I loved this post and I think you should do more content based around ancient history/classics – history is my favourite subject and I will be studying it at uni but I have only looked into 19-21 centuries in detail and at the moment am looking into learning more about the period you’ve described. These women are certainly fascinating!

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