Myths of Charity Shopping

Hiya lovelies! I’m unsure if the term “charity shop” is everywhere in the world but basically, charity shops are similar to thrift shops! Charity shops in the UK are often looked down upon and I just find it so weird that they are! I shop there quite frequently and I find a lot of bargains! Let me know if you’d like to see some of my favourite things that I’ve picked up from a charity shop because I’d LOVE to write that up for you all.

First myth I’m going to debunk is that everything is of low quality. This cannot be more far from the truth. Why? Because charity shops are particularly picking sometimes. They aren’t picky with what they receive because they really don’t care but they do have a look through the items and see what’s suitable for sale. So it’s very unlikely that things are of low quality there. You can find plenty of brand new stuff in them!

Another thing I’ve saw often stated is that charity shops are for poor people. Again, not true! Anyone can shop there. Quite frankly, if you want a good bargain, I’d recommend going in there. Like I said in my previous point, you can find brand new stuff with tags on in some charity shops. You’re just saving money. What’s the point in going to New Look next door when in the charity shop, there is plenty of new New Look items?!

“They never sell anything decent” is something I also here. Whilst yes, some times may not be deemed decent for you, they may be decent for others and vice versa. They sell absolutely everything in some cases and you may find things that suit you and you may not. Doesn’t mean it’s not a decent shop. If you’re not into gaming would you say the likes of CEX or Game are not decent shops? It’s exactly the same. Charity shops can hold some bargains. My dad once found a Bon Jovi record for £4 and it was practically brand new! I have found the cutest burgundy velvet dress for £2. It all depends on what you’re looking for!

I hope your opinions on charity shops are different after reading this post! Of course, if you have any problems or queries, please leave them below and I’ll try my best to answer them!


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22 thoughts on “Myths of Charity Shopping

  1. I used to work in a charity shop and can vouch for being picky! Anything stained or ripped or damaged was chucked out, and then I had the job of steaming everything and using scented ironing water to make everything smell super nice:) we got lots of designer/high end things in as well and lots of new things!

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  2. I love charity shops! You can find really good deals there! And as an extra bonus, you save money and you help a charity organization. It’s a win-win situation 😀


  3. I’ve always given to charity shops but I’ve never stopped to look for things myself. Today I did, I got 2x dresses, 2x brand new 1000 piece puzzles and 2x wrapping paper rolls for just under £10. Bargain. I will continue to look for myself and my other half from now one. ❤ thank you x

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