Why Mental Illnesses Are Hard Work

Hiya! I know I do quite a few mental health related but excuse me when I say, this is a bit of a different one.

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier today and I saw something innocently tweet that they didn’t think their mental health problems were that bad and never understood why someone would class them as hard work and as soon as I saw this tweet, my hand hit my head so fast. Whilst yes, I’m so happy that person doesn’t have debilitating mental health problems, it was just a bit unnecessary for them to wonder why someone would struggle.

Before I had any mental health problems, or was aware I had them, I myself never knew how bad they would be. I was shamefully that “just be happy” or “calm down” person. I say shamefully incredibly heavy because it makes me cringe writing that I was once like that. But I guess now that I struggle, I understand all too well.

I guess I’ll just go straight to why mental illnesses are hard work. Let’s just say, you have a list full of things that you need to do today. Scrap that, you’re only going to do half, no matter how hard you try. I plan out my day around my illnesses and not because I am becoming them, simply because they make me so tired and so weak that I can’t help but plan it out.

My anxiety injures me on the daily. Waking up and getting ready for the day leads to me already feeling fatigued. Why? Because guaranteed during that time I have panicked, cried and overthought the entire situation. Having a simple shower ends up with having a shower with the overwhelming, intrusive thoughts of someone breaking in the house whilst I’m in a shower, me slipping and hitting my head whilst being in the shower which would lead to me probably drowning or whatever thought has entered my head that day. Continuing the day with similar situations leads to me feeling incredibly tired, maybe too much.

Couple this with another three mental illnesses, and you’re fucked.

So yes, mental illnesses can be incredibly hard work because not only do you have to struggle with the symptoms, you have to also battle them. You have to fight your illnesses and hope that one day they go away and that’s probably the most difficult. Even if they don’t, you still somehow need to try and manage them.

Please let me know if you agree with me in any way! Would feel nice to not feel so alone with all of it haha!


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23 thoughts on “Why Mental Illnesses Are Hard Work

  1. Lovely post honey, very open and honest. I know the feeling, how you can be exhausted before the days even begun, ready to crawl back into bed before you’ve left the house just from the mental exhaustion. Hope things get a little easier for you in the future and I’m always here if you want to chat! xxxx

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  2. Thanks for writing this. It’s true, people don’t see how hard it is to live with mental illness. People think because I’m functioning I am fine, people say cheer up, people say oh just keep busy and you’ll be fine. They don’t get that everyday is ten times harder because of the internal battle with your thoughts. Take care and keep fighting stigma xx

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  3. I can agree with this 100%, especially when you have to battle multiple illnesses at once. When I had an eating disorder, and had to manage anxiety at the same time, there simply wasn’t any room in my life for anything else. It’s such a shame that people do not understand what it is like unless they’re been through it themselves, but all we can do is raise awareness and share our thoughts! ❤

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  4. Yes, it is hard work and it’s a daily work without free weekends and holidays. When someone posts, that “struggling with mental illness is actually not that exhausting”, my thoughts go this way: Maybe that person tries to escape the truth by lying to himself (wich is a bit sad), or that person has actually no idea about the topic and is just plain insensitive (and not very clever). Either way I know, my struggle is real and so is the struggle of so many people. You are not alone. We are not alone. We may have to fight every day, but we can also be proud of every day we survive. And this makes happy 🙂

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  5. Yes, mental illness is tough. I have a long history of depression and have been on antidepressants for years, which control my symptoms pretty well most of the time. It used to be so hard to keep from crying all the time because I got upset so easily, or I’d have suicidal thoughts because life was so sad and joyless that it didn’t seem worth the bother. I’m so happy now that I’m better, but even now I have the occasional bad day. You certainly aren’t alone. Good luck in your continued recovery.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your story is so motivational as people can read it and know it does get better. I know a lot of people say “it gets better” but words never really mean much unless they are backed up with proof!


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