Reasons to Meditate

Meditation is a much needed thing for many people. For me, it’s crucial because it conquers my anxiety a lot, not perfectly gone but still curbs it a little bit. There’s other plentiful reasons that prove that meditation may be something you must try out!!

First one being to increase self awareness. Before I started meditating, I was in some sort of state that meant I was unaware who I was physically and mentally. It also helped me achieve inner peace which is always something someone wants, am I right? The more you meditate, the more self aware you become. You become A LOT more aware of how you think, why you think and what you think which in my opinion is always a necessary thing.


It helps you stress less. What advantage do you really need more than reducing your stress?! One study states that meditation helps cut back anxiety by over 40% which is bloody ace if you ask me.. Just little sessions of meditation help you become a lot less nervous and stressed whilst doing tasks that once made you feel ridiculously stressed.

It also relieves headaches. Honestly, whenever I have a headache coming on, I just whip out my yoga mat (not a necessity but I find my bum gets a little numb sometimes) and meditate for five or ten minutes and I find that my headache is more or less gone. Obviously, this may just be me so let me know if this has ever helped you before??

Finally, meditation helps boost your memory. This is something I typically find useful because as an anxiety sufferer, I find myself forgetting almost every single thing ever. As I said, meditation helps you increase self awareness so you are more prone to being aware of every single thought you have. Being more self aware helps you think a lot more and in turn, helps boost your memory! It also helps cut back on distracting thoughts which may help boost memory.

What other reasons do you need to meditate? It’s literally the most simple thing ever and you don’t need anything to do it. If you’re gonna try meditation, let me know!


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22 thoughts on “Reasons to Meditate

  1. I try to do mindfulness meditations every day, and like you said, I notice a difference if I haven’t meditated in a while. I try to do a 5 min meditation in the morning before I get out of bed and another before bed which has definitely improved my dodgy sleep!! Xx

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