My Positivity Wall

No one asked for this but I thought this would be a cool post that could spread positivity in some way, shape or form and also give you a little insight into what my room looks like! I don’t really want to give a room tour because my room is no where near how I would want it YET so hopefully this will tide over some eager people wanting to know what my day to day surroundings are like!

I have a mirror in the centre of my room and maybe two years ago now, I wanted to surround it with positivity quotes. This idea stemmed from me wanting to fully recover from body dysmorphia and disordered eating so I covered an area around a place where I would constantly see my body and how I looked, with positive quotations. This is so whenever I looked at my body, I would also be looking at those images and quotes and would hopefully have positive connotations with my body. I’d like to think it worked. Anyway, let me show you some of the quotes I have around my mirror.

This is what my mirror looks like! Some quotes have come and gone because I’ve found nicer and more positive quotes among the years. Also, I apologise for how the last photo came out (kinda blurry) but I cannot retake the photo because I’m super busy for a couple weeks now and literally will not be spending much time in my room where these quotes are. But you can still see them and read them so it’s all cool!


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35 thoughts on “My Positivity Wall

  1. I love this so much! A couple years ago I went through a really bad time with my depression, and one of the things I did to combat that was putting up sticky notes with positive things on them – song quotes, little phrases, things that helped me put my negative thoughts into context. It seems like such a small thing but it really helped me. I put them right by my bed so that when I was lying there feeling sad, I could look up and be reminded of important things (one of my big ones is “you are enough” because I constantly feel like I’m not enough). I love seeing that other people are doing this too. Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Sending you lots of positive vibes ❀

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  2. This is such a beautiful idea! I have struggled with body image issues as well and I think surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, especially in such a visible spot, is super helpful. Positivity really goes a long way! Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚ ❀

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  3. I so love this! Would you mind if I share this on my Instagram? And I’ll tag you too if you can share you insta name with me ! 😝 I’m talking about positivity on my Instagram this week so this would be perfect to share with everyone ! πŸ˜†

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