University Hall’s Wishlist*

Hiya everyone! I moved into student accommodation around a couple of weeks ago now and I’m still getting my bearings and finalising my room. I love finding little knik-knacks to put on shelving units and basically everywhere in my room hahaha! I stumbled across Uncommon Goods who are a company that sell exactly that, little bits and bobs from small independent designers and that’s something I love doing – buying things from independent retailers rather than massive businesses because you’re helping people find their way in the world and make a living.

Uncommon Goods sell everything you could possibly ever want. They range from cute little presents for your friends to presents designed for people like me, who have a bit of a nerdy side to them. Also, if you are looking for something a little more personal, they do that too! They honestly do something for everyone and that’s amazing.

Not only is this brand a really nice and quirky brand, they also help out so much. Putting the help for independent sellers aside, they also attempt to restore and protect forests worldwide! With American Forests, they help preserve the health of our Earth for the benefit of not only us humans, but every single inhabitant. They also support RAINN which is an anti-sexual violence organisation that carries out actions to support survivors and bring their abusers to justice. I truly do think that Uncommon Goods is SUCH a lovely company and that’s why it’s a pleasure to work with them today!

Because I’m moving into a blank canvas and want so much stuff to make my new flat all roomy, I thought I’d show you a handful of things that is on my wishlist and if you wanted to treat yourself to a couple of things on my list, then you can easily find them!

Larry the Llama Doormat

Okay I’m guilty because I don’t technically need one of these in my halls of residence but have you seen how cute this is?!?! I could just imagine this lying in front of my bedroom door and everyone who walks past would be in awe of how cute this is hahaha! I’m 100% sure that my best friend would adore this because it has such a Peruvian vibe to it. The mat is made from 100% coir fiber so you know it’s gonna do the job of wiping off mud and god knows what from nights out.

CaptureNext on my wishlist are these cute tealight holders. I know you’re not supposed to have open flame candles in your flat because it’s a fire hazard but who says you’re gonna light them? I think they are cute just as they are. Maybe but a fancy tealight in there that you’re never gonna burn and that’s it, a nice and simple room decoration! They are made with a lovely handmade Indian rosewood with flower carvings on, which just screams cute.

Capture.PNGI adore art and I don’t think it would be a Sophie wishlist if it didn’t include any little pieces of it. The piece suggests that home isn’t a place, it’s a person and I think that’s true. You always find home in someone, whether it’s a friend or something more, they are home to you. It’s made by Rachel Kroh and I have seen some of her art before and fell in love so maybe that’s why this piece stuck to me!



As soon as I saw this vase, I knew it was the one. I love anything artsy and I have been looking for a vase such as this one for so long. It’s just stunning, isn’t it? It’s inspired by the art of Japanese ikebana and gives such a unique arrangement of flowers each time. You can shape it to whatever style you want and that’s always needed when you’re in university halls and you have no clue what your room is gonna be like.


Buddha bowls have been on the list of things I need to purchase for so long. Everyone on the internet has been going AT THEM and praising them, but I just haven’t bought one yet. I just love that there’s a lil handle on the side for you to hold because honestly, I think we need more of those.


Okay but have you ever seen anything more aesthetically pleasing in your life!? I absolutely adore these and I think these may be on the list of things I will 1000000% purchase very soon. I can just imagine sipping water out of these, they’ll be well classy.


Sticking to the sunset theme, I also love this. So much. It’s woven with 100% recycled fibers so that just makes using this throw even better – knowing that you’re somewhat helping the environment whilst staying snuggly! I bet this would look stunning draped over the well used university chairs they give you in halls hahaha!


Anything rainbow gets me. This is such a gorgeous paperweight and even if you have no use for it at the start of the terms, it will still look stunning just sitting on your window sill or a shelf! The fact that this is handmade, shocks me. Maybe it’s because I’m not so good with art related stuff, but how can someone make this themselves?! Even though it is a bit pricey, it’s well worth it just because of the amount of effort that the artist has had to put into it.

That’s the end of my favourites from Uncommon Goods. I love so much more that is sold on this website but this was a short but sweet summary! Thank you again to Uncommon Goods for collaborating with me on this blog post because it was lovely being able to handpick all the products I adored!! Let me know below if you love any of these things like I do!!


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*This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods and although I received payment for this post, all opinions and product selection was my own and completely independent!


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