Start Empowering Yourself

Hiya lovelies! Self empowerment is a must, in my books. Self love and care is a must. Allowing yourself to reach the moon when you’re told the sky is the limit is a MUST. You get the gist hahaha.

According to Google, empowerment means “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights” so I’m going to give you a trusty little list on how to do just that! Obviously I’m not a professional so I have no clue if these are correct tips to give BUT they have helped for me so they may work for you!

#1 – Self affirmations. These helps tons! Basically, self affirmations means giving yourself emotional support and encouragement. It’s really that simple but maybe this tip is normally the most overlooked. Tell yourself you look good in whatever the heck you wanna wear. Tell yourself you will be able to smash all of your upcoming exams.

#2 – Focus of the present. Don’t be dwelling on the past or wishing for the future to hurry up. I can promise you that majority of my anxiety is built up because of things I’ve already done and can’t change or things I am waiting to do. I’ve started focusing a lot on solely the present so my anxiety has subsided a little – not completely disappeared though!

#3 – Remember no one is perfect. This is difficult because every human tries so hard to be perfect but it’s just not possible. Every human makes mistakes sometimes so it’s important to remember this. You aren’t going to perfect how to do your dream overnight, it takes practise.

#4 – Be kinder to yourself. Give yourself a break if you become tired or feel overworked. Being king to yourself soon develops into self love and self love is were self empowerment blooms from. Humans want to be kind to themselves and every act of kindness leaves them wanting more and more. So being kind to yourself is a good way to bring self love into your daily routine.

#5 – Have good posture. This is difficult because our generation is used to office based jobs and slouching. But honestly, good posture is super easy to fake. You can simply just force yourself to sit up or stand up straight and keep your head held high. Soon your body will be used to it. It’s known that having good posture brings people confidence. Good posture makes people look and feel powerful and strong.

Those are my little tips! Again, like I said I’m not a professional so I don’t know if they work for every single person alive but they work for me so I thought I’d share them! I hope you have a lovely rest of the day.


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