September Favourites!

Hiya everybody! Before we get into this post, I bet you’re wondering “Sophie.. this isn’t your normal scheduled posting day” and yes you’re correct! I’ve decided to take on the challenge of Blogtober. October is national blogging month and many bloggers take on the challenge to blog every single day of the month! So I thought I’d do it as I had a lot of post ideas and so little time to do them! I hope you come back every single day for the next Blogtober post! Also, I’ve decided to redecorate my blog!! How cute do the new headers look?!!?

I don’t think I’ve ever created one of these type of blog posts which is so bazaar because I like a lot of things.. I think I’m definitely gonna start doing them more frequently but maybe not every month because I don’t know, I think I’d like to space them out a bit!

It’s going to be a bit of a jumbled mess because for one, I’m not a make up geek as such. Like I love make up and doing my face up but I don’t buy it a lot. I’m happy with the make up products I’ve got. Two, I like an array of things so basically, my favourites posts aren’t going to be just about one thing and there isn’t enough of one thing to separate them all into sections.

First thing first, Lenny & Larry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. Honestly, I may as well put the entire brand in this list because they are a MUST!! I saw tons of people eating them on the recovery community on Instagram and I was lowkey kinda sad because I assumed they weren’t vegan but one day, someone posted the packaging and it says vegan!!! As far as I’m concerned, they are all vegan?? Correct me if I’m wrong of course! The first one I tried was the snickerdoodle cookie and the latest one has been this one! It’s so good. Honestly the chocolate chips taste exactly like normal chocolate chips so I was slightly concerned after taking my first bite hahaha.


Next thing is KIKO nail lacquer! This colour is such a pretty one and to be honest, this particular nail varnish would have probably made it into previous months favourites if I had happened to do them. You may have seen it appear on my nails quite frequently in posts here and there because I wear it all the time. I have it on my nails now – shamelessly it does need redoing.


I got this for a present from my lovely friend Lauren at Christmas time and I used it every day I wore make up as soon as I got it. Then, it kinda got replaced by my ABH moonchild palette because I felt bad that I barely used it. But during the month of September, it resurfaced into my daily make up routine and I adore it. It’s such a lovely little highlight and you can build it as subtle or as blinding as you want.


My brother brought me the fourth series of Sherlock when I visited him in August and because August was so busy, I never really got time to watch it. Until September! Of course, I did watch this series when it aired (let me say, I was still as heartbroken the second time as I was the first). I just love Sherlock, I love being able to sit down for ninety minutes and be completely focused on something as Sherlock is something you need to completely focus on!


Another thing I wanted to say I loved but haven’t photographed (didn’t photograph because I thought that may be weird for some people and I didn’t know whether people wanted to see my bras hahahhaa) is Boux Avenue bras!! A bit of a weird one but recently I went up a bra size (I’m now a 36G ughhhh) so I had to buy new bras as the previous ones were given me incredibly large muffin top. I just love the extensive range of bras and underwear Boux Avenue do. Many high street stores only go up to a DD at best so it’s lovely finding somewhere where I can just pop into when I’m in town!

That’s all of my favourites! Let me know if you enjoyed this style of post because that helps me lots!


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11 thoughts on “September Favourites!

  1. Those cookies are a blessing!! I also didn’t realise they were vegan for the longest time and when I did I had to get some asap – and ended up finding them while I was in Russia for under £1! And well done for doing Blogtober – it is definitely something I would like to do myself in the upcoming years but it takes so much commitment to post every day.. xox

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