Helping Yourself Recover From Self Harm Long Term

Hiya. Realising that you need help with an addiction such as self harm is the first step. A crucial step. A scary step. But what happens after?

Yes noticing that you require help for a problem is big huge MASSIVE but that’s only the first step of many. You need to want to make the change. You need to want to find much healthier alternatives to cut out such a destructive coping mechanism like self harm.

Look after your general health, both physical and mental. Taking care of your health can help you feel a lot better – not perfect, but better. Eating regular meals with fruit and vegetables involved can help you feel more relaxed and at ease. Eating regularly may be a problem if you struggle with any food related disorder as well I understand that so just take it easy. Take your time with it because rushing things when you are not ready will only cause relapse. Spending time every week doing something you enjoy is also important. This can be as simple as watching a movie or seeing friends. It’s so essential that you do something like this regardless of the situation. Make time for it it’ll help you.

Reach out for support. I completely get that reaching out is the single most difficult thing for someone in this situation but it will help you. No one will judge you or believe you aren’t ill enough. Everyone needs support at some point in their life and it is O K A Y to ask for help from time to time. Choose someone who you can completely trust, that may be a friend or a professional at your school/college/university/workplace. They will want to help you if you ask them.

Letting go of self harm is such a difficult thing to do. But it’s great that you’ve chosen to do it. There are SO SO SO SO SO many other much healthier alternatives for you to do if you’re struggling rather than engaging in any self harm strategies.

I’m always here for absolutely anyone who needs support with this. As someone who still struggles with triggers, I know how it feels to be out of control with all of this. But believe me, one day it will be completely okay and you’ll be okay.


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