Why I Don’t Enjoy Drinking

Hiya everyone! Just to clarify, by drinking I mean alcohol – I do enjoy drinking the normal drink of water or squash etc hahaha!

I don’t like drinking alcohol. And that’s pretty much it.

I have been drinking alcohol quite a lot recently but that’s simply because I wanted to fit in. I so desperately wanted to fit in with all my friends who loved going out drinking on the weekends and also to fit in with the student stereotype. It just isn’t for me, at all. It makes me uncomfortable when I do drink and that’s just simply my fault.

I tried so hard to like drinking and I always feel like I’ve let my friends down because I never want to go out. And that’s because I don’t like being around drunk people when I’m sober and that’s really all there is to it. Because of this, I don’t really go out when my friends do all that much and I can’t help but feel like I’m disappointing them.

I hear your questions; “an eighteen year old, who doesn’t like binge drinking?! this cannot be!?!!!!!!”. Yes you’re right and I can’t really help it. I think it stems from when I just don’t like being out of control. My anxiety makes me feel out of control majority of the time so if I can stop that, I will do. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

I also have reallllllllyyyyy bad experiences with alcohol. I don’t want to get into it completely because I’m aware the people who I’m talking about should have their privacy but the fear is ingrained in me because of those experiences so I think I should briefly share it. I’ve watched people become heavily dependent on alcohol. I’ve watched people get in such a terrible way due to alcohol. Whenever I’ve drank alcohol, it hasn’t ended well. That’s probably why I’m kinda scared of alcohol, I just fear that what happened to them, will happen to me.

I’m not saying I’m going to totally avoid alcohol because there will be times when I have a drink or even a couple drinks. BECAUSE. I. HAVE. TO. FIT. IN. I have the fear that if I don’t drink, my friends will desert me because I’ve somehow deserted them. I need to get over that because it’s mentally straining on me. I’m telling myself I have to do certain things in order to fit in and that necessarily isn’t my fault (probably links to how I was treated in high school) but like I said, I need to stop it!

I think what also doesn’t help is I went through a phase when I was around fifteen (not condoning underage drinking AT ALL!!!) where I drank just to feel numb. I was going through a pretty heavy depressive episode and I relied on alcohol quite frequently to not feel the struggle I was going through. I guess what I’m saying is, I think I’ve kinda pushed the thought into my head that I only want alcohol if I’m sad and I KNOW drinking whilst sad isn’t a good idea. So if that makes sense at all, I think I’ve pushed the fear into my little brain that if I drink alcohol I’ll feel numb and sadder than usual and that’s something I definitely don’t want to experience again!


I’m not going to lie and I think alcohol tastes horrible because some of it, at least what I’ve tried, tastes frickin good. I think I can easily go out for a meal and have an alcoholic cocktail because those taste amazing but what I’m saying is, I don’t think I enjoy getting plastered at all. I just don’t see the interest in it.

Let me know if you guys feel the same at all?! I feel like I’m the odd one out here hahaha! I hope you have the loveliest day ever!


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32 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Enjoy Drinking

  1. I kind of rely on alcohol for confidence when I am out. I only like to be tipsy though and never want to drink enough to make me completely drunk, with loss of memory or lack of control.
    It is a shame the amount of pressure people are put under to drink. I know my limits but there will always be someone trying to encourage more. I think this article is great because it takes away the stereotypes that every 18 year old wants to routinely get drunk. I was never into going out every single weekend and people never understood why.

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    1. I agree with you! It’s annoying that people, especially my age, are pressured into going out clubbing every weekend – sometimes multiple times a weekend. It upsets me that someone who doesn’t like to drink is seen as weird!

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  2. Not had a drink since I was twenty. Got so drunk that I staggered home singing Bob Marley, got home was ill the rest of the night. Put me right off. Now I just smoke weed once every few months to have a wee bit fun. At least it takes a crap tonne of it before you black out xD

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  3. I suffer from anxiety and depression and both these are worsened by alcohol the next morning. Alcohol is an antidepressant so it makes you feel better at the time but ultimately it will wear off leaving you depressed. I think small amounts of alcohol are alright but binge drinking can have a negative effect, especially if u do already suffer from anxiety. I would advice ordering mocktails as it’s basically a cocktail with no alcohol or sticking to mixers like diet coke or sprite which are so much cheaper than alcohol anyway. I think that the student binge drinking stereotype is overdone and there are people out there who dont drink or enjoy binge drinking – you just have to find them first! You can do anything sober than you can do drunk anyway. xx

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    1. Same same same! My anxiety gets so much worse by alcohol. I don’t really see my depression get worse as such, but then I don’t know, it may be true! Definitely the student stereotype is so extra I hate it! xx

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  4. I’ve never been drunk and I really don’t ever want to be haha there is zero appeal to me in that aspect of drinking-culture. I really don’t enjoy the taste of beer or vodka, but I do like malt drinks and mixed drinks with rum. I just don’t think I’ve ever felt buzzed from any of it cause I don’t like to drink mass quantities lol it’s like soda- I can have one, but then I’m good. That’s all I want at a time (:

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  5. Thank you for posting this!! I completely agree with you and the only people I’ve heard say this are my ‘less outgoing’ friends. I hope one day binge drinking and going out on the lash decreases in popularity so people don’t feel so pressured.

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  6. You are definitely not the only one. I don’t enjoy the taste or how I feel when drinking. You will be always be asked why by others why you don’t drink. That is ok. It is important to make yourself happy in life. You can always have a good time even if you don’t drink. Take care.

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  7. Hey! I feel the exact same with alcohol, I drank it to fit in at uni but it just isn’t me! I also suffer from alcohol related anxiety so it really didn’t help to keep drinking just to make friends. I found it really helped to suggest other things to your friends rather than going out, like going for a cocktail or meal or coffee or something. That way you can make sure you aren’t missing out on spending time with them and don’t feel pressured to get drunk. I also got people thinking I was weird but you’ve just got to be confident, you’ll find similar people who don’t like it either. Also as you get more work at uni as the year goes on,people go out less, so hopefully that happens for you! Xx

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  8. Be you! The older you get, the less weird looks you’ll get for ordering a soda. You could always fake drinking if it helps your anxiety. But don’t drink more just to fit in – that will leave you feeling so so badly in the long run. Find like-minded people to hang out with; there’s a ton of fun things to do at uni besides drink and party, just gotta find where it’s happening! Are there any poetry slams in your neighborhood? Coffee is usually the drink of choice at those types of gigs.

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  9. I enjoy drinking, but that’s my problem. I feel the need to drink every single weekend, and I get anxiety if I’m unable to, which is weird. I can’t drink like I did when I was younger though. I used to always drink to get drunk, but now I can rarely get drunk anymore. When I do get drunk, I always end up feeling terribly sick either that night or the next day, which isn’t fun at all. I usually just have a few now to get a nice relaxed buzz. Although, now that I’m older, my body doesn’t process alcohol as well as it used to. Sometimes it will make me sick without even being drunk. For example, just last weekend, I had two drinks. I usually drink four or even five, but after the second one I started feeling sick. I went to sleep but woke up just a few hours after that super nauseous and spent the rest of the day in bed resisting the urge to throw up. Yet what did I do again this past weekend? Drink. I never learn. lol Fortunately my body decided to tolerate it this time. Honestly though, I think the main reason I continue to drink is because it relaxes my mind and eases my anxiety. I’m quite certain if I went to the doctor and got some sort of anxiety medication, I would be much better off. Healthcare here in the U.S. is ridiculous though and I can’t really afford doctors visits or prescriptions. It’s much cheaper to buy some alcohol, so that’s what I do.

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    1. I don’t think anyone learns after drinking alcohol hahaha! When people get a hangover they are like “never again” but are the people who go out in a couple days time hahaha! Ohhhh I get ya, see I’m the opposite – my anxiety worsens with alcohol!

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  10. I think that this is an amazing topic for you to talk about, I promise youre not alone. I have always had a weird relationship with alcohol, especially when my mood is all over the place. It causes havoc with my anxiety sometimes! This is brave of you and I am so pleased you have shared your story. xx

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    1. Thank you so much love!! That makes me so happy to hear, but I do hope you find a way to sort out your relationship with alcohol because it’s a scary thing to be unsure about! xx


  11. Great topic that nobody likes to touch. I refused alcohol until I was 25. Growing up in the wolf den that I did, this was easy. It wasn’t until I found an appreciation and understanding of wine that I began to consume alcohol. Still no beer or hard stuff, Just a nice glass of wine with a big bowl of pasta is all I wish for. I hate the bar scene, classy or not the goal is the same. Get drunk, find another drunker than you, bring that home, have sex and then forget about it. Married or not, people don’t care. Bars are a waste. Good for you on voicing out on a topic that is frowned upon, beleive it or not it is.

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  12. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think you have to drink to “fit in” especially if you that is your only reason for doing it. I don’t drink at all, and yes my friends will have a few drinks here & there when we are out but I won’t let it ruin my time! If your friends desert you because you aren’t drinking with them, then they weren’t true friends to start with! I’m sure you’re beautiful inside and out. You deserve better than that! 😘
    Xo Taylor

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  13. Thanks for liking my blog post which led me to your blog. 🙂 I never drank and sometimes it was harder when I was younger. It made me feel a bit left out and different. As I get older it’s easier though, I am just happy to be myself. I don’t want to do something I am uncomfortable with just to fit in.

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  14. Reblogged this on The Salam Files and commented:
    It’s rare that I find people who are on my wavelength when it comes to things like drinking or even dating, but I could’ve written these exact words when I was in college. Full disclosure, yes I tried drinking and no, it was not fun. If you’re one of the few who don’t drink simply because you don’t like it you are not alone. Don’t feel pressured to get into the drinking or party culture. Make decisions that are right for you. Anyway, show this sister some love for her honestly and willingness to make decisions that are right for her despite being in the minority.


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