I’ve recently seen a lot of memes and posts on social media that use dissociation in a humorous way. Whilst myself, I am a fan of joking about my mental health because I believe that it is better to be happy and joke about things rather than to wallow in self pity, I thought I’d give my two cents on the jokes.

Of course, I’m not a mental health professional so some of the things I say may not be entirely correct. What I mention is what happens to me and me alone so again, what I write about may not be what everyone deals with.

If you’re reading this, unaware with what dissociation is, I’ll tell you. Dissociation is the lack of connection between the individual and their surroundings. It’s a way that, at least for me, my mind deals with too much stress so I can separate myself from reality.

Experiences may include;
– feeling as though the world around you isn’t real.
– having gaps in your life where you don’t recall what happened.
– seeing objects changing in size, shape or colour.
– feeling as though you’re watching yourself in a film or looking at yourself from the outside.
– switching between different parts of your personality.

People tend to just associate dissociation with spacing out and whilst that is an experience that someone with a dissociate disorder may struggle with, it’s not the only experience.

Any dissociative disorder makes looking after yourself so much harder than usual. This is because it makes you unaware of what you actually need due to the different parts of your personality being exposed at different times.

Grounding techniques are always helpful. What I normally do is touch the floor and breathe slowly. This makes me aware of my surroundings enough to ground myself.

Tips for grounding:
– repeating the time and date out loud continuously.
– sniff a strong familiar smell.
– cuddle a soft toy or pillow.
– breathe slowly.
– take a walk to become aware of your surroundings.
– eat something so you are aware that this is your body and you need certain things to survive.

If you have any questions with things related to dissociation or anything of that nature, leave them below and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Here’s a throwback?! This is a post I did roughly a year ago to this day. Click here.


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15 thoughts on “Dissociation

  1. Omg I was actually thinking about writing a post about this in a couple of weeks time because I have experienced extreme dissociation at certain parts in my life due to extreme stress and anxiety – while it is just the body trying to protect itself from overwhelming emotions, it can be a scary experience especially when paired with other mental illnesses..thank you so much for sharing this and raisin awareness, I wish more people could be aware of this! x

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    1. Omg how cool?! I’ve had the same experience with so many people, I’ve planned to write something and the exact same day, someone has wrote the same post hahaha! But you should write it, I’d love to read your post on dissociation! I wish more people knew how serious dissociation is too! x

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  2. Awesome that you shared this, it’s a regular thing for me, and probs why I don’t clearly remember my teenage years or early 20’s. I know what you mean about making jokes about your own mental health aswell, often make jokes about mine that make my family uncomfortable xD

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    1. My friends are used to the jokes now hahah! I don’t joke in a bad way it’s just like little humorous comments if something happens that’s related to my mental health. It’s a good coping mechanism if done right!


  3. I actually did not realise dissociation could be all that! I suffer from it but thought it was just feeling like being in a dream so it actually explains my other symptoms too. Thank you! πŸ™‚ xx

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