Concert Etiquette

I go to my fair share of concerts so I think it’s fair that I know quite a bit about what to do and what not to do at them. What to expect and the basic concert etiquette (if there is any lol). So, I thought I may write a little blog post so that first time goers can read it and know what to expect!

1. Expect to get pushed around if you’re standing. Honestly, this is something I wish everyone knew. When I was at my All Time Low gig, I was one from the barrier at the start when the support acts and the person in front of me was moaning at me for bumping into her occasionally. I just couldn’t believe it. If you go to a concert, at the barrier at that, you should expect a bit of pushing or bumping because of the amount of people behind you. If you don’t want to be pushed, go seated or at least stand at the back.

2. Don’t boo the support acts. I thought this was already a given but from what I’ve seen, apparently not. Granted yeah, you may not be here for the little support act you’ve never heard of but cut them some slack. There are probably in front of a huge crowd for the first time and it’s incredibly brave to perform their music to people who have no clue who they are. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I know you’re excited to see the main act, obviously that’s why you’re there, but wait for them and appreciate the support act.

3. Don’t expect to get tons of the water cups unless you’re the first couple of lines from the stage. If you aren’t right at the front, it’s kinda impossible that you’re going to get the water passed to you due to the amount of people in front of you who also want the water. It’s annoying but it’s true.

4.Β It is perfectly fine to ask security to pull you out if you’re beginning to feel uncomfortable. If you aren’t comfortable with the pushing, you can always do this. No one is looking at you being pulled out. At all. There’s been a couple of times that I’ve been at the brink of a panic attack and I’ve just dealt with it because I didn’t wanna be stared at. Guaranteed that people aren’t even noticing, they are more focused on the artist.

5. Expect to get wet. Whether that’s sweaty or by someone throwing water around. It’s disgusting but it really happens. The amount of times someone in front of me has chucked their left over water cup over their head and I’ve got soaked, is unreal.

6. Expect people to sing. Don’t be that person who moans and makes fun of people around you singing. You’re not the only person who adores the artist and people express their love in different ways. Whilst you may be okay with standing still and not singing, others may not be. I just saw a tweet on Twitter that prompted this point because the individual was ranting about how people singing at concerts shouldn’t be allowed like why be against someone having fun?

7. Don’t be afraid to have fun. You can be as weird as you want. No one cares and no one is looking. Like I said, they are all focused on the artist in front. Scream your head off.

Obviously, I’m talking from my own experience but it’s still really valid.


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19 thoughts on “Concert Etiquette

  1. I remember my first concert, I was fourteen and it was for Lordi (jesus idk why I liked them) and I wasn’t quite prepared for the mosh pit. Got stuck between two heavy set dude’s sweaty stomachs, my mates brother had to rescue me xD

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  2. At the last concert I was at, this incredibly intoxicated guy nearby was swatting at some girls hair and then pressed his cigarette up against her arm. Then not too much later, he did the same to me! It was not an accident either, as I had just watched him deliberately do it to someone else.I was so mad I almost turned around and decked him, but then he literally fell to the ground and had to be carried out. I was glad. I definitely expect the pushing and what not at concerts, but that was way too uncalled for.

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  3. People get angry at others for bumping into them and singing?! I thought the latter in particular was the whole point of concerts lol. I’ve only ever been to one myself around four years ago but have a few planned for the upcoming months so will keep these sorts of people in mind! Thanks for sharing girl xox

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  4. Excellent tips! My boyfriend and I have been to a few concerts, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think we most liked the venue for its smoke-free aspect and the support acts before the main show happened to be fantastic (: we even got a photo with one of the band members once

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  5. Definitely. And if you’re there to see the support act stick around for the main people (though when I went to see Bitch Alert in York it was awesome to be one of 5 audience members left when the horde for the support act completely emptied). With an added “If you see someone fall, FFS HELP THEM! I was disgusted to see people just ignoring or even standing on people who fell in a mosh pit, despicable and wouldn’t be accepted in the past. I’ve been at the front of big crowds at festivals and had to help people over the fence, luckily I’m a strong woman but had to order the big blokes around me (strangers) to help too when girls were collapsing. Concert etiquette is so important, tickets to gigs and festivals should come with a guide to make people understand.

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    1. Definitely the helping someone up!! Been many occasions that I’ve almost fallen or my mate has and no one has helped us. I don’t get it, everyone is a family at gigs so you gotta help each other out!! Definitely agree with you on the guide!

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  6. To tell you the truth, I’m more annoyed of people who stand still, because that isn’t the point of a concert, for me. I go there to jump, cheer, sing and scream my head off. I understand not everybody is as “emotinally invested” (or how else do I put it?), but I don’t understand how do people have fun just by standing still. Though I admit I’m sometimes scared people will get angry at me for being that “wild”, which is my anxiety’s doing. Great post and everything is very true!

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