A Quick Life Update!

Hiya everyone! As you guys know, I got into university on results day and I have been awaiting the time when I head off from my little home in outer Birmingham to Manchester!

Well guess what, that time is NOW!

As you read I am just moving into my university accommodation and I have never been more excited. Expect room tours, Manchester related blog posts and anything fancy. Please bare with me though, I am moving in and trying to make friends so if I am a late replier, please don’t think I hate you! I really don’t, I love you all but I may not be on social media and on here as often!

As soon as I settle though, expect A LOT of aesthetically pleasing blog posts because you bet I’m planning them!

I hope you are having a lovely day and I apologise for this super short blog post but as I have said, I will more than make it up to you in the near future!


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17 thoughts on “A Quick Life Update!

  1. This is really exciting for you! And I really can’t wait to read about your experience because its such a huge change! I hope everything goes well for you! (:


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