Let’s Talk About Sex: My Pill Experience

Hiya everyone! I thought I’d do a brand new series on my blog. I’ve wanted to talk about sex on this blog because sex is a natural thing and no one should find it uncomfortable to talk about or do (lol)! So I’ve taken it upon myself to do a sex series on my little corner of the internet hahaha. I’m going to be talking about consent, contraception, orgasms – the whole shabang and I’m gonna try and not just include heterosexual sex as best as I can! Please comment down below any ideas you think I should include in this series because (if I can talk about it) I’ll try my best to do it!!

I thought starting this series now would be quite fitting because it’s sexual health week this week!

*Disclaimer – I’m no ways a sex expert so if I say anything incorrect, let me know and I’ll correct it! Everything written is 10000% my opinion and from my experiences*

For my first post, I thought I’d write about my experience with the pill. I’m on the pill Levest and I have been for maybe 2 and a half years now. I take the pill for 21 days and then have a 7 day break where I typically have my period.

Levest was the first pill I tried and luckily, it worked perfectly for me. I’ve had no blips apart from a couple of side effects that left me within a couple weeks of being on the pill. I think I’m lucky because I’ve heard pill horror stories where people have tried a fair few of different pills and none of them have worked.

I get super light periods and maybe one period out of four, I get period pains. I have no clue whether that’s to do with the pill though because I have saw a lot of research about veganism removing period pains and I became vegan around the same time!

As far as I am concerned, it works well in terms of not getting me pregnant hahaha. Every pill is different for everyone so I guess some pills don’t actually work for some people (so don’t rely on this to decide which one works for you, try until it works).

So yeah, this isn’t a very long and lengthy post because I didn’t really know what to talk about in my first post in the series. Again, let me know what you want to see here – literally any post idea that springs to mind, I’ll try and give it a go!


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17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex: My Pill Experience

  1. This is a great idea! I’m on the pill, but I’m not sexually active right now. In fact, I’ve only been one time in the last 6 years. I like to stay on it for my period. I’ve never heard of that pill before though. I was one Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo when I first started taking hormonal BC pills 11 years ago. I was on that one for a little over a year and it worked fine until suddenly I bled for 3 weeks straight and then kept getting some spotting. So when I went back to the clinic, they switched me to Ortho Cyclen. I’ve been on that for over 8 years now with no problems. I do get some very light spotting within a week of my period though, but it’s not a huge deal. My periods are still the same length (6 days) and same blood flow (moderate) as they were before I ever got on the pill. I know some people say it helps clear up your skin too and keep it from breaking out, but that’s not something I’ve experienced. The pill does get rid of most of the cramps though, and that’s terrific. I only get minimal cramping now and it’s not constant. When I wasn’t on the pill, the cramps were non-stop (unless I took medicine) and moderate to severe. I turned ghost white and vomited once because the pain was so bad. Another bonus is knowing exactly what day I will start now so I can be prepared. My periods were kind of irregular before and I would usually start any where from every 30-36 days. With my pills, it’s every 28 days.

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    1. Yeah I love how I know exactly to the day when it starts! I kinda roughly know the time, when I was in high school, I knew I’d be coming on in my lesson before lunchtime on a certain day haha! The pill is great for regularity!


  2. I’ve had the contraceptive implant for 8 years now and although I love not having a period for the most of it, I worry that not having one for that long might have a bad affect on my body concerning when I want to conceive. Definitely might be trying this pill soon! Love the whole sex part of the blog idea! Can’t wait for the next post 👍🏽x

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  3. FAB IDEA!!!! I’m on the pill and haven’t had any bad experiences, if I ever have a break like a few weeks off it, when I come back on I put on weight but that’s soon lost. It does scare me hearing all these horror stories though!x

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  4. I’m on the birth control pill and harbor’t had any high-risk experiences, if I ever take a geological fault like a few weeks off it, when I come back on I put option on exercising weight but that’s soon lost. I’ve been on that for over 8 years now with no problems.

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