Moving to University with Anxiety

Starting college or university is certainly a big change for anyone – moving away from home, making new friends, managing your studies, getting to know your new surroundings – this can be a challenging change of pace to get used to and feeling anxious during this time is perfectly understandable.

Here’s some little tips and tricks that may get your anxiety in order for moving to university, or moving anywhere for that matter:

  1. Cliche but remember you’re not alone. So so many people are moving away for probably the first time and everyone is in the same boat. If you’re anxious about making friends, everyone has to start again and make friends; if you’re anxious about living on your own, mostly everyone is doing that. Whatever you’re nervous about, I’m sure a large amount of people are nervous about the exact same thing. Saying this is so simple for someone who isn’t nervous or worried but just remember that everyone is in the same situation and you don’t have to be anxious alone.
  2. Find support. I’m 99% sure that all universities has some sort of support system in place for people who are worried or scared for a multitude of reasons so if you can, please find support. I know as soon as I enter the university campus I’m going to find the counsellors and sign up for a support programme because I may need it at some point.
  3. Don’t force yourself to do things. When you start university, don’t force yourself into going out every night like your roommates may do. This will only make you more anxious. Of course, if you want to, do just that. As well, don’t not do things just because you think your anxiety won’t allow it. Challenge yourself but don’t challenge yourself to the point where you come off worse.


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26 thoughts on “Moving to University with Anxiety

  1. Great tips! I really like your suggestion of finding support. I would also find out what extracurricular groups are available that you’d be interested in to help find like-minded people. Universities can be huge and finding new friends can be terrifying (I’m very introverted). Joining a club would be something I would have done if I could go back and redo it again.

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  2. Good luck moving into university! It was hard for me because it was my first time being away from my parents. I didn’t know a soul coming into my new school. In the end, I was glad to have experienced it. If anything, I wish I could do it again but with less anxiety, since I know what to expect now!

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  3. I will definitely be needing these tips when I start uni next September! I think focusing on the exciting aspects of the transition is also important to manage the anxiety – e.g., meeting new people, the subject you’re studying, the new opportunities… thank you so much for sharing x

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  4. I also have anxiety but I don’t know how, at university (and I’m in the 3rd year) and in general, I’m very friendly and happy and all of this. I think anxiety is more than making friends and be happy with people, I think is more about what’s in your head when you’re smiling at someone and how you feel when you’re home alone after a day in university. I think these are the “problems” that we must work on.

    Have an awesome week! xx

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      1. I went to Presidency University in Calcutta. It is a wonderful old campus where history seeps in through the walls of the buildings. I studied English Literature 🙂 After studying science in high school, I realised where my passion lay. How about you? xx

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      2. Thank you! I do! I’ve visited a couple times before moving here but unfortunately, since moving here the weather has been dreadful so I’m waiting for it to die down a little before going out!

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  5. Good luck with uni!! I went into uni with crippling anxiety and it actually helped me heaps- its a great environment to explore who you are and find people who are like you that can support you all the way. I came out of the other side a better person for it and I’m sure you will find the same 🙂

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