25 Facts About Me.

Hiya! This is normally 50 facts but I couldn’t really think of them off of the top of my head so I’ve halved it and I’ll almost definitely do the other half at a later date (if that’s what people want ((or if that’s what I want))

This is pretty straight forward so I’ll just get right into it.

1. I absolutely love theme parks. I’m that person who you go with who will want to go on every single ride. I think this is probably weird because I have anxiety so you’d think I wouldn’t be good with them but I’m completely chill when it comes to rides.

2. I’m a boots kinda girl. When I was going through my emo phase, I wore thick black boots all the time. This is super weird because now I’m a black old skool vans person which would normally be the emo phase shoes?? It’s like I came out of the emo phase and my feet turned emo.

3. I have a lazy eye. My glasses have kinda straightened it if that make sense at all? So you can hardly see it now but if I don’t wear my glasses for a couple hours or I get super tired, my lazy eye starts to become prominent.

4. I’m a shy person. Incredibly shy. But I know completely that once I get comfortable, I will be the most bubbly and chatty person you know. It just takes me a while to get to that point.

5. I collect vinyl. I don’t collect it to just have on a shelf though, I do have a record player and I listen to them. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing my record collection!!

6. I feel at my most confident when I have my hair short. Not too short but not long either. Kinda like shoulder left. I don’t know why but my hair just feels bouncier and fluffier and if you have ever seen my hair, it’s not the thickest. It’s quite thin. I just think when it gets anything longer than my collarbones, it gets straggly and appears more thin.

7. I adore plants so much. Unfortunately, I can’t look after them at all! I completely suck.

8. Whenever I tell people that one of my main triggers for anxiety are large rooms with a lot of people in them, they look at me weirdly and you guys are probably thinking the same thing. Something they always reply to me is, “…. but you go to concerts all the time?” Yes that’s true but for some reason, I don’t ever think about the situation I’m in when I’m at concerts. Sometimes, however, if I zone out or at the end of concerts, I realise it and that’s when I tend to have anxiety about it.

9. Linking to that point, concerts are always my happy place.

10. I’m allergic to something in hair dye. I say something because I’m too unsure with what chemical in hair dye I am allergic to. When I was a lot younger, I tested out a box hair dye behind my ear like they tell you and I came out in a huge rash that covered behind my ear and neck area and half of my cheek. Was not fun. I am wanting to test out natural hair dyes though but I am just too scared to actually test them just in case the same thing happens.

11. My favourite colours are either forest green or pale pink.

12. I’ve lived in the same house all my life. Never moved or nothing. This is probably why I am so nervous to go to university..

13. I know every single word to every Bon Jovi song. My mother was obsessed to say the least of the band and whenever we went on a car journey, short or long, any album would be played. So, I grew up listening to them. I didn’t really clock how extensive this was until my dad bought the Lost Highway vinyl and he was like “I only know a couple tracks off of this” and I thought the same, until he started playing it and I knew song after song, word for word.

14. I was unsure for such a long time what my sexuality was. I went through times where I thought I was straight. Times where I assumed I was gay. Times where I was asexual. It’s taken a lot of time for me to realise that I am in fact bisexual but I still have times where I am like “huh.. who do I like???”. I’m kinda in a stage in my life where I don’t care what my label is, I love who I love, whatever their gender.

15. I come from Birmingham, strictly speaking the Black Country. Although, don’t have the accent of either of these. My family say I don’t sound like the rest of them, who have strong black country accents.

16. My favourite marvel character is Thor. Maybe it’s because of the mythology behind it?

17. When I was little (unsure of age because I was little) I walked underneath my dad’s motorbike whilst it was running. Well not walked, potentially crawled. Ya know the part between the front wheel and the engine? There. And I have a scar on my neck to prove it. Although, I was a little person so the scar is somewhat faded and it’s only really obvious when it’s sunny or I’m hot.

18. I really want tattoos. I have three tattoo ideas in my head that I want 100%. One for my mother. One of a cute little piggy which can resemble my veganism. And another for my all time favourite band All Time Low because they helped me through some heavy stuff and I think I’d like to have something to remind me of that. However, I have severe anxiety about them. Not the needle situation that someone may always have, it’s more the rational fear of the aftermath. I’m just terrified of it getting infected and in my head, I’m saying to myself, “omg Sophie what if you don’t look after it properly and it gets disgusting and infected”. I know I will look after them a lot because of my anxiety telling me that thing I just mentioned, but like I said, my anxiety will be telling me the worst. And I need to get over that before I get them!

19. I am the baby of the family but I hate it because I am genuinely treated like a baby.

20. I’m a nerd in every sense of the word but I am not very clever. Funny how that works?

21. I love emo bands, but I also love pop music. A lot more than I used to.

22. As clumsy as I am, I’ve never actually broken anything. Fingers crossed, I never do. The closest I’ve ever gotten to breaking something was when I was at Toys R Us on the pogo sticks and fell and landed on my ass on the cement flooring. Couldn’t sit down for a couple days and had to have an x ray but didn’t break anything.

23. I love Eastenders. Probably more than the average individual.

24. I can make myself laugh and it is probably so annoying. I have a fond memory of being in my classics class and thinking of that video with backing music of the vengaboys and I think Thomas the Tank Engine is running through the streets and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was the kinda laugh where when I was trying to explain my laughter, I laughed more. Tears streamin and everything.

25. I can play the piano but not very well. I think I can play a total of 4 songs on it.

And that’s all! Lemme know if you want the extra 25 but I may just end up doing it myself. Also, thank you so much for 600 followers! Without sounding cliche, it actually makes me so happy. I’m so grateful for this little nook in the internet I’ve created.


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