Come Away With Me: Brighton

Hiya everyone! This post is super quick coming out, a lot more quicker than I was planning. The post I was originally giving you today, I no longer liked 100% so I’ve changed it and given you this one instead! I hope that’s okay!!!?

At the end of August 2017, me and my friend went to Brighton for two days. The reasoning was kinda to; celebrate exam results, celebrate going to university super soon and also just because Brighton is a pretty place. We planned this super early on and we got the hotel and train ride sorted fairly quickly so it was a lot cheaper!

Wednesday Morning – I was at home for this morning and I actually woke up later than I wanted to. I wasn’t running late because I still had around 90 minutes until my train but I wanted to get up and slowly and calmly get ready to minimise my anxiety. That didn’t happen because I had to rush around so my anxiety was quite high for this morning.

The train we were supposed to get was at 10:50am and it was delayed for 30 minutes which isn’t fun when we were meant to have an hour to get from Euston to Victoria! Anyway, the trains were done and it’s quite funny because all the way through the train journeys my anxiety was incredibly high but on the tube, I was so calm and relaxed?! Does anyone else have weird anxiety things like that?

We arrived in Brighton and it was rainy. But the good rain that I love so it was fine. We checked into the hotel straight away and there was two black labs (DOGS!!!!) to greet us and I already knew the hotel was great because of those two dogs hahaha. We unpacked and left to visit the Pier and the pebble beach. The pier wasn’t exactly what I had expected because last time I was here, it was sunny and this time it was full on pissing it down at this point (not fun!).





We did a bit of shopping, where I actually bought next to nothing because I had little money and I wanted to spend it on food and little knick knacks! I did actually buy a cute small bowl from Tiger because I was in need of a trinket dish and the one I wanted from Urban Outfitters was no longer for sale! I didn’t take a picture of it but I’m sure you’ll see it in my university room tour when I get round to doing that!

We had tea at the VBites restaurant near the seafront and may I say it was delish! I won’t spoil it much because I’m planning to do a blog post about vegan food in Brighton but man, I wanna go AGAIN! We ate a lot here so we went back to the hotel to debloat (lol) and get ready to go out. I don’t really remember the night because I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep but we went to a bar and a club on the seafront and then to the pier!




Thursday – This was our full day in Brighton because our train wasn’t until 6:50pm. My feet started in agony because of how much walking we did on the day prior so I didn’t have much hopes that they would last very long (spoiler they didn’t). I have fairly bad feet because I somehow didn’t learn to walk properly and I got told off for it when I was in year eight by my PE teacher?!




We just spent the day exploring because it was nice and sunny and we could stay outside without being rained on completely. I ate dinner at the Flour Pot Bakery in North Laine and it was so good! Again, doing a blog post later on the food I ate in Brighton so stay tuned!!! By around 3pm, my feet had completely failed me and it got to the point where I was almost crying because of the pain. I’m not BUILT for long walks in the slightest.




After walking (if you can call it that) around Brighton for a little while longer and going in to god knows how many shops, it was time to get the train from Brighton to Victoria. This was a simple train because we got the Gatwick Express so it was around 40 minutes rather than the normal train time of 1 hour 30 minutes. The tube was fairly simple because I do love a good tube journey and the train home from Euston to Birmingham New Street was relaxed too. I ate good food and had a power nap.




I got home for around 11pm because it takes an hour to get home from Birmingham by car. I got into bed and fell asleep within seconds, I think it was a well deserved rest.

That was my lovely little holiday to Brighton so I hope you enjoyed following me along! Quick reminder that I’m in Manchester settling down at the moment so I may be slow at getting back to any comments but I will reply asap!!! I hope you have a lovely rest of the evening!


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25 thoughts on “Come Away With Me: Brighton

  1. I know the feeling of teachers criticizing the way one walks. When I was in 1st grade my teacher called me an idiot for walking pigeon-toed. She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just listen to her, turn my feet out, and walk right (my joints are slightly misaligned. Not much I can do about biology I’m afraid). I liked your post. There was a lot of relateability to it. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. This is my city!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed Brighton and especially vBites because that happens to be one of my favourite vegan restaurants eveeeer – everything is so delicious I always want to order the whole menu😂

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  3. I’ve never been to Brighton but it looks awesome and I have wanted to go there for a while! Your posts are awesome and I love your blog! Please check out mine even though it’s terrible compared to yours!

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