Top 20 Paramore Songs

No one asked for this, but I thought I’d do another blog post similar to the one I did about All Time Low! You know the drill so let’s get straight into it.

20. Whoa // All We Know is Falling
I don’t know why this made my list because I don’t listen to it all that often but it is a good song. I don’t love it as much as my number one (obviously) but I do love it!

19. Brick By Boring Brick // brand new eyes
I’m probably gonna get hate for this being so far back in the ranking but I just love other songs more! I still do adore this song but again, not as much as others.

18. Emergency // All We Know is Falling
This used to be my favourite song not long after it came out. My brother used to listen to them when this came out and it was all I listened to with him, have to include it haha. I dreamed to be this aggressive when I was older (that wasn’t anywhere near happening)

17. Day Dreaming // Self Titled Deluxe
I love this song!! I can’t be the only one who loves it?

16. I’m Not Angry Anymore (interlude) // Paramore
I feel like I have such a weird list of favourite songs by Paramore to include a interlude. Honestly, I love the interludes on their self titled album, they are so pretty. But I don’t love them as much as their proper songs, but clearly enough to add them in this list.

15. Grow Up // Self Titled Deluxe
This was my anthem when it came out. I still love it. Haven’t listened to it in a while but it’s still an absolute banger. 10/10

14. The Only Exception // brand new eyes
The saddest song ever. I barely listen to this because it genuinely makes me sad, and if I’m already sad it makes me cry. Such an emotional song, I’d hate to think what the band would have been going through to create this song.

13. Fake Happy // After Laughter
At last, the new album has reached the ranks. I love the new album, I know a lot of people don’t but I really do. A lot of good bops, INCLUDING THIS ONE! I love how it starts really low and sad but then it suddenly jumps into a dancey (yes a new adjective, haven’t you heard?) and jazzy song. I loooooooooove the lyrics so much. The whole album kinda has a getting-through-a-break-up feel to it, which I needed when this album came out so I am grateful!

12. Tell me It’s Okay // Self Titled Deluxe
This is a demo but it’s beautiful. I honestly wonder why it wasn’t good enough to make into a proper song like the rest but that doesn’t matter because it sounds like it would have been! I also wonder how it would’ve sounded if it wasn’t a demo!?! More beautiful – yes!!!!

11. Ignorance // brand new eyes
So aggressive – I love it! I think everyone has this song in their list if they had made one because it’s a banger and for me, it’s the first song I think of when I think of Paramore. Tell me if you agree?

10. Idle Worship // After Laughter
I love this song. I need to stop saying that because obviously I do otherwise it wouldn’t be in my list hahaa but I really do. It has a different vibe to the rest of After Laughter but still love it. I love the lyrics “think it’s safe to say your saviour doesn’t look a thing like me” it just sounds so raw and different. Her voice kills this song, yet again.

9. Ain’t It Fun // Self Titled Deluxe
A dancey song. When this song came out as a single, I knew straight up I’d love it. I love the music video too, it’s different and such an original idea as far as I’m concerned. This definitely has a poppy vibe to it but still, beautiful.

8. Let the Flames Begin // RIOT!
Again, this used to be a song that I would listen to with my older brother and I loved it. It reminds me of being a child and having no worries at all. Oh how times have changed! I love how calm the intro is. “What a shame we all became, such fragile broken things?” hits home so bad. Obviously it didn’t when I was little because I was TINY but it hits home now, as an older individual.

7. Anklebiters // Self Titled Deluxe
I remember this album coming out and this was always my favourite on it. It sounds so pretty and edgy at the same time and I have no clue how those two can be used together but Paramore did it! “fall in love with yourself because someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got” is such a raw lyric, again. Such raw lyrics from Paramore.

6. Caught in the Middle // After Laughter
I am pretty sure that all of After Laughter’s songs are sad in some day. The first set of lyrics from this song proves that! But they are still all so relatable and honest (and raw). Kinda reminds me of Twenty One Pilots for this reason, because all the lyrics are so so miserable but the band yokes them with a jolly and upbeat instrumental background to look away from the sad lyrics..

5. crushcrushcrush // RIOT!
Probably the first song I properly heard by Paramore when I was old enough to like them myself. Obviously, was not when this was released because I would have been, around eight or nine. I think I heard it on Scuzz (whatever that grungey tv music channel is called) and I was hooked.

4. Misery Business // RIOT!
Everyone knows this song and I bet it’s high in your list too. I know Hayley doesn’t like this song herself due to the “once a whore, you’re nothing more” lyric but if you look past that, it is a pretty good song. I like it anyway.

3. That’s What You Get // RIOT!
A sad song again using a kinda upbeat instrumental backing to disguise in fact how sad the song is. I don’t know why I like it but I always find myself screaming out the lyrics whenever it comes on shuffle hahaha.

2. Hate To See Your Heart Break // Paramore
Such a raw song. I love it. It’s quite far back in the album listing so I unfortunately rarely listen to it whenever I listen to the actual album itself but whenever I listen to playlists, I’m digging it.

1. Rose-coloured Boy // After Laughter
My favourite song of all of Paramore’s discography! It’s such a pretty song and when I first listened to this album when it came out, I loved this song instantly. It’s different and tbh I know all of the new sound has a different vibe with each song, but this one is different different!?


And that’s it!! My favourite top twenty Paramore songs! I obviously do like a lot more songs than stated and not gonna lie, if I could I would have put all of After Laughter within this list but I tried not to!

Here’s a throwback?! This is a post I did roughly a year ago to this day. Click here.

Thank you so much, with love,

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18 thoughts on “Top 20 Paramore Songs

  1. Paramore was my first favourite band (and it still has a special place in my heart). I am so glad I got to read your post and remember just how much I love them. They have been through a lot and yet they are still here and very much relevant. Some of my fave songs must be crushcrushcrush, Monster and Miracle.
    Great post! Have a nice day! 🙂

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  2. Paramore is my all time favorite band! I never clicked so fast on a blog post. Day Dreaming, Fake Happy, and Rose-Colored Boy are probably in my top favorite songs! Loved the list, now I’m going to put their albums on repeat! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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