I’m Going to University!!

Hiya everyone! Before I go into my initial blog post, I just wanna say I have hit 500 followers!?!? How?! But thank you so much. Every single time I hit a milestone, I cry a little bit because it makes me so happy! Thank you again, it means the world and more.

Two days ago (17th August), I received my exam results. This is a super scary time for me because basically, whatever I get now will make or break my future. Okay… that’s a bit exaggerated because I can always retake my A2’s in September and stay another year at college but I really want to go to university in September and I’ve had my heart set on it.


My course had kinda changed because basically, didn’t get the grades to do what I wanted and I am disappointed with myself but I couldn’t help it all entirely. I’m still doing a history based subject so that’s all good! I’m studying History at Manchester Metropolitan University but instead of three years, I’m doing a foundation year too!

I did kinda get upset because I didn’t want to do a foundation year at all but I’m kinda warming to it. I want to go to university but I feel like the foundation year will ease me into it, both academically and mentally. I don’t want to go full force into a course and have a shit time or get bad again so I feel like a foundation year will completely ease me into university life without the stress that I fully know I’ll have!

So yeah! In September, I’ll be moving from my tiny town outside of Birmingham to the busy Manchester and quite frankly, I am excited! So very excited! I hope you’ll enjoy me settling in and look forward to seeing all the blog posts I can do whilst I’m in Manchester! Believe me, there will be a lot coming! Have a lovely rest of the day and I hope you got the grades you were hoping for and more!


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44 thoughts on “I’m Going to University!!

  1. Huge congrats! That’s very exciting; it’ll be a whole new chapter for you! I knew someone that went to Manchester from a small town and took a little while to adjust to it there…then she absolutely fell in love with it all. You’ll have an amazing time xx

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  2. Yay congrats! Honestly university is a fabulous time and especially in Manchester, I’m studying about a 5 minute drive from your uni in Salford I hope you have a great time and don’t worry about the foundation year some of my friends have said it was one of the best decisions they ever made! Xo

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