What I’ve Been Listening To #3

Hiya! I haven’t done this style of post since maybe, April this year. The last post can be seen here if you wanna check it out. Well, you know how this post goes so let’s just get straight into it!

1. We’ll be Okay – With Confidence

This song has been out for a while and so has this band but I’ve only just discovered them! I’m kinda jealous of anyone who has known them since they’ve been labelled. I really like the message behind the song like even though the situation hurts right now, you’ll be okay. I think it’s key to have songs like this occasionally because you never know who’ll need it.

2. Hit or Miss – New Found Glory

This is such an old song! I never thought that these type of posts would include songs that are this old, ya know? Like I love quite a lot of old music but it’s never normally this old. But anyway, this song resurfaced into my Spotify playlists quite a while ago and I’m not really complaining hahha. By the way, if you wanna follow me on Spotify then here is a link to my profile!

3. Hard Feelings/Loveless – Lorde

I know you’re supposed to either love the first half or the second (believe me I’ve seen a lot of discussions on social media about which half is better) but I think I love both equally. I love hard feelings and I love loveless.

4. Bad at Love – Halsey

I didn’t like this song when the album came out. Honestly, I didn’t like most of the album when it was first released but it’s grown on me lmao. This is probably one of my favourites from the album and I listen to it so often, I’m pretty sure it’s in most of my playlists haha.

5. December – Neck Deep ft Mark Hoppus

I think this has appeared onto another What I’ve Been Listening To before now but I’m unsure! I still love it anyway! At first, I was unsure because I really really loved the original version of this but I think it’s my fave. I love this version a lot more than the one with Chris Carrabba though!

These are the songs I’ve been loving lately. Let me know below if you feel the same or any other songs you’ve been loving! I love suggestions.


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