My Goals for the End of the Year (2017)

Hello again! I’d just like to say, thank you for 400 followers!! That’s actually so surreal! I love every single one of you πŸ’–

Anyway, I thought this would be a nice idea as I have many goals that are inside my head and I think if I write them down then I’d be able to hopefully achieve them!

Before I get into it, I must add that as you are reading this, I am on a trip to London to visit my brother and his partner for a week! So therefore, I may be a bit slow on replying to comments and catching up with all your posts, I will have data to do so but my week will just be so busy I won’t have a lot of time to!! So I apologise for that but as soon as I’m back, I will catch up 100%!!!

#1 – My first goal is to successfully move to a different city. Obviously this one can only be successful if I get into university because I don’t think I could move to a different city if I had to retake my a-levels but it’s still a goal nonetheless. I’m hoping to move to Manchester in September to go to university. I absolutely love Manchester as a city and I’d love to live there long term.

#2 – My second goal is to battle my anxiety a lot more. I do this a lot already (hint: when I went to London on my own ) and I just think I need to do it some more. Since every single time I’ve tested my anxiety has been successful, why not try some more? I think being able to go on a long bus journey may be my next task as public transport is what triggers my anxiety a lot recently so if I have the money to do so, I’m going to try! Hopefully, testing my anxiety a lot more will be successful because I don’t want it to define me anymore and I want to one day, live without being anxious.

#3 – My third and final goal is to venture out into the world more, even if I have to do it alone. I was always someone who believed that you had to have someone with you in order to explore. I’m far from that now because I believe that if I want to leave the house, I will. I will do so even if I’m going to have to go out alone. Now, this probably wasn’t some view that stemmed from no where, it probably is due to my anxiety as well as society telling people that going out alone is weird. I want to successfully be able to eat out alone and just visit places alone, whether that is shopping centres or just exploring the place where I live.

Those are my goals for the end of the year. I hope I do achieve them but even if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world because at least I tried.


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26 thoughts on “My Goals for the End of the Year (2017)

  1. Best of luck with achieving these goals and especially what with the anxiety lurking, I think it’s brilliant how you’re making plans and things look set to be exciting! I can’t wait to read about your adventures πŸ™‚

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