Ways to Help Without being Vegan.

There are plenty reasons as to why someone cannot be vegan. For example, recovering from an eating disorder, having a life threatening illness, living in an area of the world where access to fruit and vegetables is few and far between. To name a few.

Just because you are unable to convert to veganism with any of these reasons, it doesn’t mean you should not make a conscious effort to minimise the cruelty you are unknowingly contributing to, for the animals, the planet and your health! I know not everyone can do the same thing so I’m going to develop a list of a variety of things you can do to help! In no way am I saying you should force yourself to do things if you are unable to, I’m saying if you are able!!

  1. Have meat free days. There’s this thing going round the web at the minute where you have meat free Mondays! If the entirety of America did not eat meat for just one day a week, it would be the equivalent of taking 7.6 million cars off the road. This is so surreal to think that’s how much carbon dioxide that the amount of meat consumed a day causes.
  2. Use cruelty free products. There is no reason why someone would need to purchase MAC products over Barry M products. For one, they are so much cheaper and two, probably better. Obviously, don’t feel guilty if you are taking medication that is tested on animals, you cannot possibly help that. Just switch products such as toiletries, make up etc to cruelty free options if they aren’t already!
  3. Choose fake leather products over real leather. Faux fur over real fur. This one is fairly simple.
  4. When going out to restaurants, choose the vegetarian/vegan options! Eating vegan 24/7 may be difficult but having the occasional meals may not be so bad.
  5. Adopt don’t shop! If you decide to have a pet in your life, don’t buy them from breeders. Go to your local animal shelters and adopt one of the cuties! They deserve a home just as much as the puppies. Most animal shelters cannot afford to keep all the animals they have brought to them so some have to be put down – this isn’t necessary at all!!!
  6. Spread the vegan message. You may think this is hypocritical but I can assure you it’s not! You may not be vegan but you can promote it as and when. Find a local organisation and volunteer. Every little helps.

Of course there is many more and just doing your little bit can help! If you can go vegan, please do or at least look into it. If you can’t, just keep doing what you’re doing.

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29 thoughts on “Ways to Help Without being Vegan.

  1. Great post! I feel like oftentimes it sounds like “all or nothing” when it comes to being vegan. I’ve been transitioning my makeup collection to cruelty free and am much more conscious of my eating choices as I’ve learned the impact of meat on the environment. I am no means a pure vegan or vegetarian, but I try to go “meat free” one week of the month and swap tofu and other substitutes when I can when I go out to eat. Thanks for sharing a great middle perspective on this issue 🙂

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  2. Nice post! Veganism actually helped me to finally recover and stay recovered from decades of eating disorders and the subsequent hospitalizations! Yay! Food was no longer about ME and that finally did the trick! So I think it can actually help with recovery, depending on the individual 🙂

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  3. These are really good ideas, I love Barry M and the fact MAC have the cheek to charge an extortionate about is not fair considering they don’t put the money back into the animals welfare xxxx

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  4. Great tips, really going to try some of these. I dont enjoy eating meat regularly anyway, so the others shouldnt be too hard! I always buy cruelty free makeup products also xo

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      1. Thats awesome! I actually decluttered my makeup a while back and got rid of everything that wasnt cruelty free – Some of it i was so shocked about!xo


  5. Many people recover from eating disorders with veganism.

    I encourage you to check out some of my vegan related posts, you could gain a lot of valuable insight from my vegan content.

    I’ve never heard of a condition requiring animal product consumption, and I know celiac diseased people who are thriving on a vegan diet, so I think its important to avoid perpetuating excuses that keep people from going vegan.


    1. I am vegan myself and it took me a while to go vegan because of my said eating disorder. I’m not saying people who have conditions cannot go vegan, as I said in my post, if you can please do, but a lot of people aren’t ready to do so for a variety of reasons. I think it’s crucial that we promote ways people can do until they are ready to do so

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      1. Definitely, people sometimes take raw veganism to the extreme and become orthorexic in their tendencies; but generally it’s a safe and reliable lifestyle for them because the food is so much cleaner (meaning they’re leaner).
        I inadvertently lost 25 pounds the few first months after I went vegan, and have yet to gain most of it back.
        I think veganism overall proven to be a solution or at least positive impact in the ed community.


  6. As much as I think being vegan is the best lifestyle, I agree. Not everyone is ready to go vegan, I know it took me a while to get there. But I do love the idea of everyone helping the cause in some way. These little changes you mentioned will soon become a habit, and if enough people are making these little changes, soon a big change can be made! Great post, thanks for sharing the message.

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    1. Thank you so much for agreeing! I do agree that if you can, go for it bc veganism is great but there are certain reasons that people can’t. It took me ages to get into veganism bc I had such an unhealthy relationship with food

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  7. YES. I love this. It’s not all or nothing, if we can encourage people to make steps in the right direction then collectively we can start to make a big change. Very compassionate and ultimately better for animals. No one likes being preached to and your post is a lovely example of how we as vegans can promote a kinder world 💓

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