what i ate in a day #3

Normally all the what I ate posts are days that I’m at home all day or I go out for fancy meals but that’s truly not what I eat like 5 days out of the week due to college! At weekends, I eat a lot more structured meals because I’m .. able to. Whereas, at college that’s not the case.

The day I kept track of what I was eating was Tuesday and I have three lessons and go home at 12!

Breakfast – Weetabix and Strawberries





I haven’t ate strawberries in so long. In all fairness I’m not a HUGE fan of them which is a shock I know! I had two weetabix with soya milk and some agave syrup.

Snack – Salted Caramel Cupcake





I bought this cupcake from The May Bakery stall that was at a vegan festival I went to the weekend and I must say it was yummy. I also finished off my friends smoothie which wasn’t a planned snack but nonetheless, was enjoyable.

Dinner – Cheese and Pepperoni Bagel





I know you’re gonna judge me for not cutting the cheese out of the circle of the bagel, my friends did.. I had to rush making this and I had no time to place the cheese properly. I would normally not leave the cheese there! This was so yummy. I had a VBites pepperoni slice and a Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack slice that was topped with some ketchup!

Tea – Pasta with Garlic Bread





This is very simple. It’s honestly just wholemeal pasta with some cheap pasta sauce, vegan mince and some nooch! And then garlic bread on the side..

ANNDDDDD that’s all I ate today!

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