I was Raw Vegan ?

Hiya! Before I start this blog post, I’d like to say thank you for 200 followers. I know maybe to some that’s not a lot at all but to me, that’s so so much! When I started this little blog I didn’t expect even one follower so thank you. Thank you so much!

As some of you may know, I attempted the vegan diet, raw til four, a month or so back. Raw til 4 is basically when all the food you eat is raw, until 4pm and then you can eat a cooked meal. You tend to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and all the food is not processed.

I say attempted, because I didn’t stick to it. I think I lasted just over a month because to be honest, I struggled. I just couldn’t get enough food in me to deem it healthy. I’m sure loads and loads of people can do this lifestyle successfully but I just couldn’t. Maybe, it was because I have a passed history of disordered eating and raw til four requires SO MUCH FOOD. Like, I love food. Will eat it all the time. But it’s difficult to go from how much I eat on my current diet/lifestyle which is a healthy amount to having to eat so so much more on the raw diet. I hope I get to a point where I can successfully do a raw vegan diet as I would love to eat that healthy but at this current space in time, I just cannot.

Also, I noticed how expensive fruits and vegetables are during the winter months. It just wasn’t great for me to do as I don’t really have a stable income. Some weeks I’d be full of fresh fruits and veggies and then the following week, I’d struggle.

Now I’m not trying to prevent others from attempting this lifestyle because honestly, it’s probably great to live through year upon year if you know you can eat that much every day. I just didn’t really feel the best I could be with the raw diet.

Because I have college, I began to notice that I just didn’t eat anything after breakfast until I got back from college which is normally 4/5pm so it didn’t really benefit me. My college doesn’t really sell anything vegan let alone raw vegan so it was difficult. I was losing weight which was great but I slowly clocked on I was only losing weight because I just didn’t eat. Sometimes I skipped breakfast (I know it’s so bad) so some days I didn’t eat until my dinner meal which is incredibly unhealthy.

So yeah… maybe raw veganism or raw til four is great, if not perfect, for some people but for me it’s far from it. At least for now. Like I said, hopefully one day I can get to a point where this is my diet all year round.


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24 thoughts on “I was Raw Vegan ?

  1. Raw food is great if you get all your ingredients and equipments like dehydrators in place. I once did a story on it and met a few raw food enthusiasts. The deliciousness of that food was undeniable and vastly surprising. But really tough to do on a daily basis. Maybe it is a matter of practice too.


    1. I think I’m gonna try again super soon but for me currently, wasn’t great but I’m not doubting that it isn’t good for people! I think it’s probably the best type of diet out there


  2. Hey Sophie, it’s a really good post & I enjoyed reading it as usual. And congrats on your 200 followers 😊.

    Let me add one thing. I also tried being Raw Vegan once but I gave up after some time. Not because I couldn’t stick with it but I was little bored by the routine. So what I am doing right now is I try to balance it. I usually follow vegan on alternate days and keep it rolling. I thus try to have all the right proportions of intake. I have been doing this for weeks now and it’s just great and works for me. So my advise is if you want to follow vegan try going for it when you want to and increase your vegan intake slowly. Being a vegan is a wonderful choice and it is indeed really healthy !!!

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  3. How long have you had your blog for? What are your tips for growing it? I’m so impressed by 200!!
    I also have a history of disordered eating and I always feel that raw vegan would be too restrictive for me, the more I have to think about what I can/can’t eat then I start over thinking eating entirely! Also I love nice warm comfort food…


    1. I’ve had it since May last year! And I just interact with blogs if that makes sense? I follow a few and I always read and comment on them so I think that helps!
      Yeah, I hope soon if I’m in a much better mind set that I’d be able to eat raw because it does sound interest but for now, I think being an eat whatever I want vegan is good!

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  4. Oh my goodness, that takes dedication! I was considering going vegan because I feel like I’m not the healthiest I could be, but I know that I could never last! Congratulations on 200 followers!


    1. I’m still vegan and it’s going well for me (almost two years now) but I agree, if you don’t feel as though you’re ready physically or mentally then don’t force it because it wouldn’t be beneficial. And thank you!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! I think it took me a while to realise but I really do think that now I’m just following a eat-whatever-you-want (if that’s even a term lmao) veganism, I’m happier for it haha x

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  5. I love that you said that this just wasn’t for you and that it may be perfect for others. Because, in the end it’s if the diet fit wells with the lifestyle! I also have a difficult time eating large amounts of food, so like you, I wouldn’t be able to eat enough food and probably have nutrient deficiencies and a huge calorie deficit that wouldn’t be sustainable because of my physical activity. So, I don’t even think I need to experiment with this because you did it for me! haha

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

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    1. Haha thank you! I think I may revisit raw til 4 when I’m a little bit better with eating but for now I’m okay with just plain veganism haha! But yeah definitely, if you do a lot of physical activity and you don’t think the diet choice would be sustainable then I don’t think you should go for it! But I genuinely do love the idea of the diet and I think I may do the occasional raw meal haha

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      1. Yeah, I’ll most likely incorporate a raw meal once throughout the day to get my daily greens, because I never get enough of those πŸ™‚


  6. I understand your dilemma. I can’t imagine being able to pull it off whilst I was in college. The world is not designed to cater to the vegan. Yet.


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