My Top 20 All Time Low Songs!

I saw Emma Blackery do something similar in vlog form and I kinda thought this would be a cool blog idea?! I’m going to start with my favourite band ever, All Time Low, but I may venture out and do other artists if this is liked, or if I ever find the energy to do similar because lemme tell you, it was exhausting finding my top TWENTY songs by this band, I could’ve done at least forty! I’m just going to say in advance, I love a lot more songs than this and I feel guilty for not including them hahaha!

20. Dark Side of Your Room // Last Young Renegade
I don’t know what it is about this song but I love it. I think I love the chorus a lot more than the verse because of the lines like “with friends like you, who needs friends?”. It sounds so aggressive to your surroundings. I also like “you make a fool out of my heart” because it’s super relevant right now haha.

19. Kids in The Dark // Future Hearts
Probably going to get SO much hate for this because it’s so slow in the list but I kinda like it ?? I don’t know, it’s just not my favourite off of the album and that’s how I did this list, album by album and then ranked them. It still is such a good song, them performing it live is so good and gets me dancing but like I said, not my fave off the album.

18. Do You Want Me (Dead?) // Dirty Work
I love this song so much and this album for that matter, which is probably a shock because of how problematic the whole time around the album is! I just love Dirty Work a lot a lot a lot. Again, this song makes me dance!

17. Poison // Nothing Personal
This song is a bonus track so I honestly didn’t know it existed until fairly recently. BUT saying that, it must be good as it’s overtook plenty of non-bonus tracks (??) on this list. I genuinely think they should have put this as an actual song because it’s worth better than a bonus track.

16. Umbrella // A Cover
As much as I love the original by Rihanna, I think I prefer this version. That may just be because I love All Time Low so I’m biased to anything they release! I just like how they’ve changed it to quite a guitary song rather than just focusing on the vocals.

15. Dirty Laundry // Last Young Renegade
This was the first song that they released off of their new album and when I first heard it, I was sceptical but after hearing it live, I regret doubting it. It’s just a crowd jumper and a bop. It’s different to every other single they’ve released previously but tbh, if you think about it, the new album isn’t that dissimilar to Future Hearts..

14. Guts // Dirty Work
I told you there’d be more songs from Dirty Work. I love this song so much. I keep going on about when I saw them perform the songs but honestly, this was such a good performance. It’s weird, whenever I listen to this song, I picture green lights because they used green lights in the background hahaha.

13. Old Scars / Future Hearts // Future Hearts
Again, such a bop. I really really REALLY love the pre-chorus which goes like “I don’t wanna be the one that’s left behind, don’t blame me, don’t hate me”. IDK I just really love that part of the song. I also imagine dancing to this super hard whilst getting ready for going out once, and I ended up being late because I put on the rest of the album!

12. Backseat Serenade // Don’t Panic! It’s Longer Now
It’s weird that I’ve yet to include this album on this list! But yes, I know what this song is about but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it! Honestly, it’s my mood half the time, not for that reason, more so for the music video. This live is perfect, but isn’t every song?

11. Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted) // Don’t Panic! It’s Longer Now
This song, to me it just sounds so different to the rest of the album. I don’t quite know what makes it different but it just does. Such a bop. 10/10 song. What else can I say? Oh and the intro is just to die for. My fave lyric is “cause I am only me when I’m without you” I’m unsure why, just love it.

10. Nice2KnoU // Last Young Renegade
At last we are at the top ten! This may not seem as long for you, but for me, this has probably taken an hour to formulate. I love how this is different to the sound of the new album, although I do adore the new sound. I just can’t help but dance to this whenever I listen to it! Like literally, every time I’ve mentioned a song I’ve listened to it so I can help identify why I like it (and also to get the hyperlink) and I’m dancing to it right now. So good.

9. Forget About It // Dirty Work
Again, love !! this !! song !! It’s just such a dancey song for me. I’m 99% sure that that’s what I’ve labelled all these songs so far, which I apologise deeply for hahaha. I really adore the talky bit of the song, idk it gives me goosebumps whenever I listen to it!

8. Jasey Rae // Put Up Or Shut Up
I think this was definitely one of the first songs I heard by this band? I’m unsure but it was one of the first couple anyway. I just love the part where it’s like, “I’ve never told a lie, and that makes me a liar ..” part, you know what I mean? UGH gives me goosebumps. It’s just a whole round good song.

7. Poppin’ Champagne // So Wrong, It’s Right
This used to be a lot higher but obviously, had to make place for my new favourites off of the newer albums. Just such a bop, so underrated. JUST CAN’T GET OVER ZACK’S BASS PLAYING IN THIS SONG. So talented wow.

6. Lullabies // Put Up or Shut Up
To show how much I used to adore this song, I had the lyrics, “sing me to sleep, I’ll see you in my dreams” above my bed, crafted with my own two hands. It was beautiful. And the way he says “scream” makes me cry a little bit, totally in a good way.

5. Six Feet Under the Stars // So Wrong, It’s Right
I’m sorry but I’m shook that this song is 9 years old and is still such a bop. I don’t know why I love it so much that it has taken pride place at number five in my list, but I love it SOOOOO much. Maybe too much because I don’t normally see this song get this much recognition.

4. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver // Don’t Panic! It’s Longer Now
I’m surprised this song isn’t number one because this used to be SUCH a banger when it came out, for me at least. To be honest, it still is. I love how aggressive sounding it is and I can only assume it’s about a toxic person and forcing them to leave your life. WHICH I CAN RELATE TO.

3. Satellite // Future Hearts
I really wish this song was longer!! I adore it!! It may be one of my favourites off of the Future Hearts album. I think that’s because of the tone and how the song goes. It’s such a nice starter song, which gets followed by Kicking and Screaming which I would have put in this list but I didn’t want to have too many from Future Hearts! Still a fave tho!

2. Afterglow // Last Young Renegade
This is my favourite off of the new album! It makes me feel so dancey and I’m unsure why. I love how mellow the verses are and then the pre chorus’ is kinda more aggressive and then the chorus goes back to being mellow until it finishes and then there’s that nice electronic jazzy bit (you know what I mean!!!). My favourite part is the end because it’s so calm and Alex’s voice just sounds so beautiful at this point.

1. Lost in Stereo // Nothing Personal
MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!! Every time I’ve seen them live, they’v performed this and it makes me so so happy! I don’t know why I love it so much but I do and it’s also a go to if I’m down for whatever reason. If you’re going to listen to any song from this list, listen to this one because damn it’s good!! Such a shock that my favourite song is from Nothing Personal when I state all the time that Dirty Work is my favourite album?!

And there you go, my top twenty All Time Low songs! Honestly, they are all so perfect and I love each song they’ve produced so this list was super difficult to make for me. If I could, I would include every song in this!!

Thank you so much for reading.


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9 thoughts on “My Top 20 All Time Low Songs!

  1. Oooh this is a good post idea – but i definitely see how only picking 20 would be hard! I only know one by all time low (you’re not on my life of things to do ’cause I’ve already done you) but I’ll check some of these out xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was the same, I liked dirty laundry prior to seeing them live but not as much as their other work! But LYR is such a good album I can’t believe I doubted it haha


      1. I really like Afterglow idk the beat of it reminds me of an ABBA song! I’ve got like three copies of it! I got two free from meet and greets and another on vinyl haha!


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